Pokemon Ultra Moon Review

The Pokemon franchise has been evolving for quite some time. When Pokemon Black and White changed the face of modern day Pokemon adventures, it paved the way for more fully-realized worlds and more intricate battles. Remakes, such as HeartGold and SoulSilver, had also proven that backtracking for Pokemon could be profitable. There has never been a series more inextricably tied to the success of […]

Google admits to tracking users’ locations

Android phones have been collecting information about their users’ whereabouts and sending it to Google since the start of 2017, according to news site Quartz. The site reports that even when location services were disabled, locations of nearby cell towers were logged and sent to Google by the system Android uses to manage messages and […]

Why biometry is a bad idea

The iris scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S8, Face ID on the iPhone X and the fingerprint scanner on every smartphone all suffer from the same flaw: Biometry isn’t secure. You have one face, two eyes and ten fingerprints which can’t be changed if compromised, at least not as easily as a password. When it […]