11 Tips for Playing as Doomfist

It’s official: Doomfist is the newest hero in Overwatch. Immediately after announcing the new offense hero, Blizzard released the buff, punching character to the game’s PTR (Public Test Region.)

As Overwatch players on PC get to grips with the character, various strategies have emerged for playing Doomfist and making the most of his abilities. Here is a massive list of tips for playing Doomfist, giving players the edge for when he is released to all.

Overwatch Doomfist Screenshot

Lucio Who? Use Rocket Punch for Boops

Lucio may be best at “booping” opponents off of maps with his Sonic Amplifier, but Doomfist is coming for that title. With his Rocket Punch ability, players can strike quickly to push enemies off of cliffs as they go tumbling to their death.

Knocking people off of maps can be lethal if Doomfist ends up off of the edge too. But thankfully, using his Rising Uppercut and and Seismic Slam abilities, players can get themselves back to safe ground in a pinch.

Walls Are Friends

If Doomfist players can’t push their opponents off the edge of the map, then Rocket Punching enemy players into walls is the next best thing. Rocket Punch inflicts “additional damage” when enemies hit the wall and so when possible, Doomfist players should maneuver themselves to pull that off.

The Wombo Combo

Described by Overwatch developer Blizzard as a “highly mobile” hero, Doomfist is most effective when players combine his abilities to strike fast. More so than any other hero in the game, the wombo combo of his abilities can be devastating as players bring enemies forward with Seismic Slam, knock them back with Rocket Punch (preferably hitting a wall), and finish them off with a Rising Uppercut.

Overwatch Doomfist Screenshot

Pair Meteor Strike With Graviton Surge

Proving that he truly is the king of combos, Doomfist’s ultimate ability Meteor Strike can rack up the kills when paired with Zarya‘s ultimate ability Graviton Surge. The epicenter of Meteor Strike deals more damage than the edges, making something like Graviton Surge (or even Orisa’s Halt!) ideal for getting eliminations.

Abilities like Reinhardt’s ultimate Earthshatter or Mei’s ultimate Blizzard also work well with Meteor Strike, but Graviton Surge is best for the way that it pulls people in to one specific spot.

Use Meteor Strike to Get Out of Dodge

In a tricky spot? Meteor Strike can also be used to get out of tricky situations quickly. Doomfist gets five seconds to choose to move across the map, including moving vertically (from one floor to another) if he so chooses.

Likewise, players can make it into a firefight just as fast. It may not be a waste of an ultimate if it helps Doomfist to get into the middle of a battle and help the team secure a point in overtime.

Punch Through Barriers…

Doomfist’s Rocket Punch isn’t just useful for inflicting damage on anyone – it’s specifically useful for inflicting damage on shielded heroes. It can go through Reinhardt’s shield, for example, which is particularly useful when the tank hero has been defending squishier heroes.


…And Punch to Gain Shields

And, speaking of shields, Doomfist can also gain “temporary personal shields” when using his abilities. His passive ability The Best Defense… makes those shields build up when he lands his active abilities, helping the character survive for longer. He will still need to find a healer or zip out to get a health pack when his health is especially low, but those shields could go a long way.

Don’t Rely on Doomfist’s Hand Cannon

Doomfist’s Hand Cannon shotgun is incredibly fun to use. It encourages spamming and excels in close range fights. But other than that? It’s not to be relied upon.

When an enemy is up close and the abilities are on cooldown, it’s great, but as mentioned, it’s Doomfist’s abilities that are designed to be the real damage dealers. The fact that Hand Cannon automatically reloads (one bullet in just under a second) instead of manual reloads, and only has four bullets, also makes it a problem.

Sombra is Doomfist’s Biggest Counter

The need to not rely on Hand Cannon becomes clear when Doomfist comes face to face with an enemy Sombra. By hacking the new Overwatch hero and removing the ability to use his abilities, Sombra suddenly makes Doomfist very vulnerable. That shotgun just isn’t going to cut it.

Overwatch Doomfist Screenshot

Snipers and Doomfist Are Like Magnets to Metal

Doomfist is also incredibly vulnerable to snipers like Widowmaker. Because of his large hitbox, snipers don’t have to work hard to get headshots on the newest Overwatch hero.

Thankfully, his abilities can keep him mobile and make it far more difficult for snipers to do what they do best. However, when Doomfist is stationary, it’s all over.

Keep the Skies Clear (of Pharah)

Doomfist, though fun, clearly has a lot of weak areas and more than a few counters. Another one of these counters is Pharah. Her ability to go aerial in a flash means that it’s easy for her to dodge Doomfist’s abilities, also meaning that she can blast him to bits and there’s nothing he can do about it.

As Hand Cannon is such a short-range weapon, it’s tough for Doomfist to take out the youngest Amari himself. So, it’s best to get a teammate on it before she takes him out first.

Overwatch is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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