5 Reasons I’m Holding Out For Apple's 2017 iPhone



This will be the first year I don’t upgrade. I'm sticking with my iPhone 6s and waiting for the 2017's iPhone

Michael Grothaus

15:21, 12 Aug 2016

The most popular smartphone in the world is set to be updated in less than a month. Yes, I’m talking about the iPhone. When Apple unveils the iPhone 7 in the beginning of September it will be the ninth annual edition of the device. And it’s a device I’ve bought every version of like clockwork since the original iPhone in 2007 (which, to be fair, I didn’t buy–Apple gave me my first one).

Every year since that first unveiling I’ve upgraded because the new features compelled me to; whether these new features be design changes or major new capabilities or internal upgrades. But this year – for the first time ever – I won’t be upgrading and will instead hold onto my iPhone 6s for an additional year until the 2017 iPhone comes out.

Why? Here are my five reasons.

1. It’s going to look basically the same

Until this year, Apple has upgraded the design of its iPhone every two years. Prime years with the new designs are simply designated with a number (iPhone 5, iPhone 6) and minor years get the “S” moniker (iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s). But this year, though the iPhone is likely to be called the iPhone 7 all rumors and leaks point to a relatively unchanged body. That’s right, it’s going to look exactly the same as the last TWO iPhone generations, albeit with redesigned antenna bands on the back.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine design, but after two years the same design makes you feel like you aren’t getting enough for your money. The only thing that could possibly sway me is if Apple releases a true black model. I’m talking a new metallic black. The Space Grey option has gotten old.

2. The best camera upgrades are iPhone 7 Plus only

Usually, I’m incredibly excited about any iPhone camera upgrade and that alone is enough for me to upgrade my iPhone. While the iPhone 7 is expected to get a MAJOR dual lens camera upgrade that is supposed to take unbelievable pics, this new camera is only destined for the larger iPhone 7 Plus. The smaller 4.7in iPhone 7 is going to get shafted and stick with a single lens. My issue with this is I’m a 4.7in iPhone kind of guy. I like a phone I can wield and control with one hand. I don’t want to have to be forced to buy a larger version which I find physically harder to use just to get the far superior camera.

3. There’s not going to be a Smart Connector

The iPad has bored me for a while. But things changed when Apple introduced the iPad Pro and its Smart Connector that allows for advanced accessories, like Apple’s new Smart Keyboard to be used with it. This turns the iPad Pro into a true hybrid computing device. And I always wanted to see this new Smart Connector on the iPhone too–with a Smart Keyboard/Cover to go along with it. While it has been rumored that Apple was considering adding a Smart Connector to the iPhone 7, rumors say now those plans have been dropped. No Smart Connector means there’s one less reason for me to upgrade.

4. There’s no big new “wow” feature

And it’s not just a lack of Smart Connector. All signs point to that there will be no major new “wow” feature on the iPhone 7. With the iPhone 3G we got 3G. With the iPhone 4 we got the Retina display. With the iPhone 4s we got Siri. With the iPhone 5 we got the longer display. With the iPhone 5s we got Tough ID.  With the iPhone 6 we got Apple Pay. With the iPhone 7 we’re getting…what exactly?

Rumors point to it will have a new tactile Home button and it will remove the headphone jack–but those aren’t exactly killer new features. As I said above, the dual lens camera is nice, but it’s only going to be on the larger iPhone 7 Plus. That means there’s no killer feature for the 4.7in iPhone 7.

5. My iPhone 6s has held up surprisingly well

Finally, the reason I’m not going to get the iPhone 7 is because Apple did such a good job with the iPhone 6s. It’s been a year, but that baby still flies. It handles all the latest apps and games without so much as a hiccup. Normally by this time of the year the previous iPhone begins to show its age, but not so with the iPhone 6s. I’m still as happy with it and its capabilities as I was the day I bought it.

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