Android N Update For Huawei P9 Lands, Accidentally



Android N up and running on the Huawei P9

Richard Goodwin

10:09, 28 Jul 2016

Google’s Android N — or, Nougat, as it is now known — is official and scheduled for a release later on this year, likely alongside Google’s brand-spanking new Nexus 2016 phones.

There have been plenty of beta builds released thus far — beta builds many of you have likely been testing out on your Nexus handsets. But for most people — like, 99% of the Android space — Android N is something of a pipe-dream, as most handsets will not get it.

If you DO get Android N, chances are it will be some time in late-Q4 or early Q1 2017, depending on the manufacturer of your phone (some OEMs are A LOT better than others). Interested in when you’re phone might get the update? Check out our Android N Update Schedule: When’s Your Phone Getting It resource page for more information.

RIGHT: on to the meat of this story.

Basically, a video has popped up online showing a Huawei P9 handset running Android N, albeit under Huawei’s uber intrusive custom Android skin. This means we see none of the design changes present in Android N, just the new features and attributes.

This is basically the reason I always use Nexus phones; I simply cannot stand custom Android overlays. Huawei’s is particularly bad as well.

Here’s the Huawei P9 running Android N:

What appears to have happened is that someone at Huawei has accidentally released an OTA for the P9. XDA then captured said OTA and has provide a link, meaning if you own a Huawei P9 you can now download a test build of Android N.

Changes include:

  • Added Multi-user support
  • optimized interactive gestures
  • Added Huawei’s ROG power saving technology for the first time (can decrease screen resolution to save power)
  • General optimizations
  • More detailed changelog can be found in the source link

“One thing you should know about the update before updating your Huawei P9,” says GSM Arena, “you may be able to update your Huawei P9 to this build, but chances are you may be stuck on it. Huawei would need to release an OTA specifically for this build to get you to a newer version. So even if you do flash it with minimal knowledge of fastboot (as you won’t need to use it for this), you may be stuck on this build and will need to either restore your phone entirely with HiSuite, or you may need to unlock your bootloader and to restore to factory software.”

Enjoy at your own peril…

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