Android Nougat might be with us very soon indeed


Leaked release date suggests Android Nougat will be with us early next week

Android Nougat has been in the works for a while – indeed, I went hands on with the developer preview some months ago – but we still have no official release date. While we still don’t have an day pencilled it, it looks like Google might be launching it somewhat stealthily next week.

As spotted by Android Central, Canadian operator Telus’ software update schedule lists the “target launch” of “Android N Update” on Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X handsets as 22 August. This is backed up by LG’s limited preview program for Korean G5s, which also happens to launch on the same day. Like all handset manufacturers, LG will get early access to the Nougat final code, but won’t be allowed to release it until it’s officially published.

22 August is just three days away, meaning – if they’re correct and if it’s a worldwide release – you could be reveling in Android Nougat’s new features as early as next Monday.

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Could is the operative word, here, however. You’ll have to be a Nexus owner, as Google’s own handsets always get the new update loving first. When Android N drops on other handsets is down to how quickly the likes of Sony and Samsung’s developers can get the whole thing through bug testing and ensure its stability – and if you’re tied to a network, they may have their own schedules delaying things further. Still: better late than buggy.

What can you expect in Android Nougat? Evolution, rather than revolution, but some very nice features all the same. As I said in the review, “once you’ve come so far with an OS, piling code upon code, the only real way to make an update that people are excited to install is to tear it all up and start again.” Given the choice, I’ll take small tweaks every time.

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