Apple releases the Cookie Monster advert outtakes… and they’re fantastic


Cookie Monster

The outtakes video actually surpasses the original ad in terms of brilliance

Apple has released ‘outtakes’ from the Cookie Monster’s surprise endorsement of the iPhone 6s, and they’re absolutely fantastic.

Watch below as everyone’s favourite snack-loving muppet chats with Siri off-the-record, get hits by a clapper board and laments not being able to close his eyes once in bed for the night.

The original article follows.

The iPhone 6s has arrived on Sesame Street! I know I’ll enjoy writing an article when the first thing I do is a fact-check to establish whether Sesame Street characters are muppets or not. My conclusion is that they are, but if you think differently… well, you know how to reach me.

Anyway. Apple has moved away from silhouettes dancing to the latest indie-rock tune and gone back to basics, giving a real-world example of how a hands-free personal assistant can benefit a muppet with limited patience and manual dexterity. Cookie Monster appears to be the first of Sesame Street’s residents to have got his furry hands on a smartphone, and puts it to excellent use in this 60-second spot:

It’s a genuinely entertaining ad, and will act as a nice distraction from Apple’s problems with the FBI. Should Apple choose to tackle the case for encryption in a future commercial, I’d suggest either Big Bird or Oscar the Grouch as a strong spokesperson for a more privacy-heavy message.

For now, though, I’m just going to watch the Cookie Monster advert again. And again. And again.

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