Apple Watch Series 2 Review Roundup: Improving The Apple Watch


Apple Watch Series 2 Review Roundup: Improving The Apple Watch – Today Apple lifted the embargo it had given some publications early hands-on-access to the Apple Watch Series 2. The early reviews are good–very good–with virtually every reviewer saying the second version of the Apple Watch is the one many people have been waiting for. We’ll have a full review of the Apple Watch coming up in the next few weeks, until then here’s what others are saying:


“The Apple Watch Series 2 is the first real Apple Watch. It delivers on the promise of a mostly passive device that can accomplish simple tasks in 1-3 seconds. There is now built-in GPS which allows for exercising without having to lug along a comparatively heavy iPhone just to get accurate tracking. And it’s completely waterproof, as any decent sport watch should be.

The screen is noticeably brighter now, making text, especially on activity summary screens, much easier to read. Because of the speed and brightness, I have already found myself using the Watch for interactions more often. This had already started happening a bit with Apple’s WatchOS 2 update last year, which improved performance significantly, but it’s incredibly apparent now with the faster processor.”

Wall Street Journal

“So should you buy one? For such a personal device, a simple answer is tough. The faster speed would be tempting for people who own the original—but upgrading a watch isn’t something you should do every year or two. If you held off, you’ll be happy you waited. For general workouts, the $269 Series 1 is faster and more affordable than before. If you’re a runner or a swimmer, the Series 2 is where it’s at.

What about a Fitbit instead? If you just want a basic fitness tracker—thin design, days of battery life—the new $150 Fitbit Charge 2 is my top pick. But I still prefer the Apple Watch to the Fitbit Blaze smartwatch. Apple’s design is sleeker and its selection of third-party apps is stronger.

And at this rate, it could be years before a sleek, long-lasting, cellular Series 3 appears.”

The Verge

“There’s something effortlessly cool (and yes, expensive and even ridiculous) about having your phone ring across the room or in your bag, looking down and accepting the call on your wrist, and knowing the wire-free AirPods in your ears are going to pick up the call. We’re entering an era where technology hardware might eventually disappear into the background, as touch and voice and gesture become our more frequent interactions, but the irony is that all of this requires piling on a bunch of hardware to get there first.

The Series 2 Watch is another step in that direction. It’s another piece of hardware on your wrist, one that looks the same as the one before it. But it’s not about a new form factor; Apple has made that clear with its newest products. It’s about what the thing can actually do.”


“While little has changed in Apple Watch design, Series 2 and the latest software, called watchOS 3, do represent an important strategic shift. In particular, the new OS moves aside cutesy features like Digital Touch (that’s where you draw on the screen) and sharing your heartbeat in favor of more utility […]

On the inside, though, is all-new hardware, including a brighter display, the S2 SiP (“System in Package”) which includes a new dual-core CPU and a new GPU, a larger battery and a special speaker system that plays sound and handles water […]

The most exciting part of this multi-organ transplant is surely the new SiP. It makes the Apple Watch Series 2 faster and more responsive than the original Apple Watch in almost every way.”

The Independent

“Eighteen months on from the original Apple Watch launch, this is a significant upgrade. Some may have desired a more strikingly different design – though, hey, last year’s straps still fit! – but it remains the best-looking smart watch around.

Now, with better software, a much nippier processor, useful GPS and excellent waterproofing, it’s likely to attract its widest audience yet.”


“Apple’s new watch is faster, more water-resistant, and more fitness-friendly than ever. The Series 2 is definitely an improvement over the original Apple Watch — but, in my opinion, it’s only worth the $369 if you’re an athlete (especially if you’re a swimmer) who’s really going to take advantage of the new features.”

The Loop

“For me, Apple Watch is about improving our lives and making us more efficient. It has done that for me many times over and Apple Watch Series 2 will continue that journey.”

Daring Fireball

“I think WatchOS 3 and Apple Watch Series 2 are a very simple story. Apple Watch had clear strengths but equally clear weaknesses. Apple identified what was flawed and went back to the drawing board. They identified what people liked best — health and fitness tracking — and made them even better.”

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