Best photo effects apps to make your Instagram … stranger!

How can you spice up your Instagram or Facebook photos? With these strange and creative effects apps!

While there are plenty of filters you can apply right in Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat, chances are everyone is already using them in the same way. But there are also plenty of creative and strange photo editing options available that are … different. Whether you want to spice up your selfies or simply make your feed a little stranger, here are some apps to try!

  • Prisma
  • Fused
  • Rollworld
  • LINE Camera
  • Pip Camera


Can’t get enough of your favorite artist or art style? In love with the look of oil paintings? Pop art? Pencil sketches? If you’re a true artist at heart, then why not check out Prisma?

Prisma is an app that adds layers of modern art effects to your photos and pictures. Simply pick your photo, choose an art style (there are over 35 to choose from!), and apply it to your picture. You can swipe to adjust the strength of the effect.

Plus, Prisma is free!

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Combine your photos and your videos with Fused, a photo editing app that allows people to create and mesh their love of iPhoneography and phone videography into one creative app!

After opening Fused, the app will ask you to import a background photo/video and then a foreground photo/video to overlay. Then it’s up to you to find the perfect balance of background and foreground for the best social media post!

Try layering videos or even combining collages for a more artistic feel, or keep it simple with a peaceful background and a selfie for a different kind of self portrait. Who needs boring old mirror selfies when you have Fused?!

Free – Download now


Turn your entire world into the coolest little planet with Rollworld, the photo editing app that really makes you change your perspective on things!

Rollworld works by creating a wormhole-like effect that wraps the image your phone sees into a spiral of sorts. Shooting from a distance with Rollworld can give the illusion that a cityscape is actually on its own tiny, little planet or that you’ve been morphed and twisted into yourself (does that make sense?).

When using Rollworld, try shooting horizontally for best results. Once you have your photo or video, you can adjust and tweak the direction of the roll, the intensity of the photo effect, and a few other things to get your Rollworld snapshot social media-worthy.

Free – Download now

LINE Camera

Developed by the same company that created LINE chat, A.K.A. an incredibly popular social media/communication service in Asia, comes LINE Camera – a creative hub for decorating photos!

With over 100 different filters and more than 5,000 stickers to decorate your social media photos with, not to mention a pretty phenomenal feature for airbrushing blemishes, making your nose smaller and your eyes bigger (along with your chest if you’re a woman), the LINE Camera app pretty much does it all when it comes to getting creative with your pictures.

Users can add text, doodle, add frames, stick stickers, slap on filters, and so much more with just this one handy app.

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PIP Camera

If you’re looking to not only get funky and creative with your photos but add some framing too, then check out the PIP Camera if you want to change up your social media game!

PIP Camera works pretty simply enough: you either upload a photo from your camera roll or take one on your own, and through the app, you can adjust the image to appear in a jar, a water droplet, a glass, a bottle of perfume, and so much more!

If you’re an artistic person who loves playing around with editing, then check out the collage option in PIP, which will turn your photo into a professional-looking magazine cover.

Free – Download now

What’s your favorite app to edit social media pictures with?

Is there a particular app that you love to shoot and edit your social media content with? Let us know which ones in the comments below!

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