BioWare’s New Game Anthem Releasing Spring 2018

Now that the world has been introduced to BioWare’s new IP, Anthem, interested parties have been devouring information about the upcoming game as quickly as it can be made available. The first look at Anthem didn’t reveal much beyond the game’s setting and its aesthetic similarities to Bungie’s Destiny and HBO’s Game of Thrones, but it was enough to spur discussion about the title well after EA’s E3 2017 presentation had wrapped up. Now, however, one of the biggest pieces of information possible regarding Anthem might have been unveiled prematurely thanks to the debut of the game’s official YouTube channel.

The official YouTube page for Anthem only went live after the game had been unveiled, and it offers some major insight into the target release date for the project formerly known as Dylan – according to the channel’s bio page, Anthem will release in Spring 2018. While the information clearly wasn’t meant to be revealed as of yet and could still be removed in the near future, it’s big news for a game that had only recently been delayed until the 2019 fiscal year, which would have been months after the Spring 2018 calendar period. For those curious, the exact bio page looked like this at the time of writing:

anthem release date youtube channel

Beyond the release date window, which should excite fans who were expecting a longer wait for Anthem, the bio also offers up a very basic summary of what BioWare is attempting to do with its new IP. The bio once again promises that players will “explore a landscape of primordial beauty”, a description that emphasizes the prehistoric vibe the official E3 2017 Anthem trailer embodied when it was shown earlier today.

If BioWare intends to announce Anthem‘s release date officially sometime soon, which the YouTube bio certainly suggests, then that announcement could come as early as tomorrow during the Microsoft E3 2017 press conference. BioWare has already stated that Anthem will be present during that presentation with a more in-depth trailer, and it is possible – although far from a guarantee – that a longer trailer could also come with a release date reveal.

e3 2017 button link image

Anthem appears to have a release date window of Spring 2018, and is currently confirmed as available for at least the Xbox One, although it is unknown if it is an exclusive at this time.

Source: YouTube

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