Black Friday 2016 UK: All The BEST Deals In One Place



Black Friday 2016 is COMING and this year’s looks set to be the BIGGEST we’ve ever seen. Get ready for some MEGA deals…

Richard Goodwin

11:43, 6 Nov 2016

Black Friday, traditionally, has always been a US thing. But like most things in America, the tradition of retailers slashing their prices for one day has officially spread to the UK.

Black Friday is a big deal. It makes people go insane; just check YouTube of videos of marauding droves of people laying siege to shopping malls and electronics retailers in the US and UK – it looks like something out of a George Romero picture.

TVs. Phones. Computers. White label goods. Accessories – everything is discounted on this hallowed day and this makes Black Friday one of the biggest days of the year in a retailer’s calendar.

Traditionally a bricks and mortar affair, Black Friday is now even bigger thanks to online retailers getting in on the action. Amazon’s Black Friday deals for 2016 is expected to be HUGE and, best of all for those who like to shop until they drop, it will be running for multiple days.

Black Friday 2016 UK Deals

Really, then, Black Friday should be called Black Friday Week, as reports suggests Amazon’s sale period will kick off on Monday and run right the way through the week. As I said: Black Friday 2016 is going to be pretty EPIC.

But how do you find the best deals? How will you know where the biggest and best discounts are? You could sit around staring at your computer all day in the hope of stumbling across something… or, you could let us show you the way.

KYM will have a specialist team trawling Amazon for the latest and greatest deals this Black Friday, so bookmark this page and check it regularly, as we will be constantly updating it with deals. Also: some of these deals are “flash deals” meaning they only run for a few hours – these deals are usually the best ones as well, the one’s where you’ll get most bang for your buck.

When we find an awesome deal we will post it below. We’ll let you know how big it is, how long it is running for and whether or not you should pull the trigger on it. So keep this page bookmarked and, once things kick off, check it regularly for updates on the biggest and best deals.


Black Friday 2016

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