Brutal Legend 2 Will Happen ‘Someday’, Says Director

When Brutal Legend 2 released back in 2009, the game followed the usual path for a Tim Schafer-helmed title by receiving a decent critical reception, an immediate cult following, but without much by way of sales success. However, the developer has not given up on returning to the heavy metal-themed world of the title, and has recently suggested that a sequel will happen at some point.

During a Q&A session for Tim Schafer and Jack Black at E3 2017, the topic of a sequel to Brutal Legend cropped up, and Schafer was more than happy to discuss the matter. His comments will certainly bring hope to those looking for another Brutal Legend game, stating “someday we’ll make that game.”

However, one big barrier would be the cost of creating Brutal Legend 2. According to Schafer, the Brutal Legend sequel would be an “expensive” game to make, which means that getting funding would be a definite factor. Those interested in seeing Schafer and Black talk Brutal Legend can do so in the video below.

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Although some may be skeptical over whether Brutal Legend 2 could ever really happen, it’s worth noting that a number of other classic games from Tim Schafer’s back catalogue have seen a return through additional games, such as the VR title Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin. What’s more, Psychonauts is getting a pure sequel through Psychonauts 2, with fans of the original intrigued by the game’s early footage.

This isn’t the only time that Tim Schafer has hinted that Brutal Legend 2 is something he has in mind. In 2015, the developer reiterated his desire to return to Brutal Legend once again, alongside stating that he wanted to work on the aforementioned Psychonauts. Since half of that wish has come true, hopefully Brutal Legend will be coming too.

For now, though, nothing has been confirmed, and Double Fine has plenty on its plate through the publishing of interesting looking titles such as Ooblets and the creation of Psychonauts 2. However, never say never to Double Fine pulling something out of the bag in the future.

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