Warframe to get open-world Venus and ship-to-ship combat updates on Xbox One and PC

At TennoCon 2018, Digital Extremes unveiled the follow-up to Warframe’s open-world “Plains of Eidolon” content. The “Fortuna” update takes players to an open-world Venus, and there’s also tactical ship-to-ship combat in the works! Fortuna According to the developer, the Venusian landscape packs exciting new gameplay experiences with the introduction of a new faction and lore. […]

10 fantastic Fallout 76 gifts every fan will love

Bethesda is slated to release the next entry to its post-apocalyptic role-playing franchise this fall, titled Fallout 76. Abandoning its single-player roots, Fallout 76 is an ambitious new direction for the studio, which allows players to group up and explore the wasteland together. While many missed Fallout 76’s coveted Power Armor edition, some impressive Fallout […]