Confirmed: Nokia 8 100% NOT COMING To USA in 2017


The Nokia 8 will NOT be released in the US

HMD Global launched the Nokia 8 relatively recently, but there’s been a big question mark up-in-the-air over whether it would be released for the US market. Sadly, we can now confirm that it will NOT be making its way to the land of Bald Eagles and giant trucks.

NokiaPowerUser was forwarded an email from a reader, showing a direct response from Rex Fryhover, head of sales for HMD Global’s US branch.

Fryhover explained that the Nokia 8 is “not properly banded for the US”, which we assume means in terms of connectivity bands for mobile data and telecoms. He confirms “we will not be launching the Nokia 8 in the USA”.

It’s a shame to be sure, as the Nokia 8 is a really compelling flagship device. The build quality and design is amazing, and it packs Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor, along with a Carl Zeiss dual-camera. We are rather surprised, to be honest, that HMD Global has not targeted such a large market as the USA, especially as it is quite normal these days to produce multiple variants for different regions with the appropriate connectivity protocols adjusted accordingly.

Could HMD Global change its mind if there was enough demand? Stranger things have happened. The news is the closest thing we have to an official statement on the matter, although it does contradict a lot of evidence which suggested the phone would indeed arrive on US shores.

For now, we will have to consider this case closed, but we will be keeping an eye out for any change on the subject and will of  course be sure to keep you posted as and when.

Hopefully the Nokia 9 will be released in the US to make up for it – it seems like an improvement on the Nokia 8 anyway.

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