Cortanium APPX for free


Require – windows hone 10

version –

size – 7 MB


* READ FIRST: If you think Cortanium is not working, or Cortana doesn’t recognize your enhanced commands, IT IS ALWAYS BECAUSE YOU ARE *NOT* USING YOUR INITIATION PHRASE. ALWAYS. If you are confused about this PLEASE JUST SEND US AN EMAIL VIA SUPPORT. WE LOVE TO HELP!

Ready to take your device to the next level by leveraging the power of Cortana? You’ve come to the right place!

Cortanium adds over 25 new commands to Cortana, to use with voice or text, making your experience even simpler and more intuitive!

Easily do things via Cortana like get movie and TV recommendations, get today’s horoscope, check in a document in SharePoint, see how much OneDrive space you have available, or even get your Microsoft Band information, Xbox gamer information, and do a quick Foursquare check in!

There are tons of great things you can do with Cortanium, and lots more to come!


NOTES: RESTART/SHUTDOWN/THEME commands REQUIRE A MICROSOFT BROWSER TO BE YOUR DEFAULT BROWSER. Chrome and Firefox do not properly handle ClickOnce activations. If you are using Windows Phone 10 Technical Preview, you MAY have issues every once in a while due to Cortana inconsistencies, and other services not being ready for production, like loss of 3rd party location access. We have found that a device restart solves these (for a while at least).


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