Daydream VR Headset To Be Unveiled At Google Event?: $79, Built By HTC



Google will apparently launch an HTC-built Daydream VR headset on October 4

Paul Briden

10:34, 4 Oct 2016

We’re now only hours away from Google’s big October 4 launch event and we already know from all the leaks and rumours that the firm will launch the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. Although the Pixel brand is already existent via the Pixel C convertible, with the launch of the smartphones it appears Google is replacing the Nexus brand.

According to new details, however, the event may also see the launch of hardware relating to Google’s previously announced Project Daydream – the firm’s VR initiative. Allegedly there may be a VR headset unveiled which, like the Pixel phones, has been made by HTC – creator of the most popular VR headset to date; the HTC Vive.

The word comes via, which explains the headset will cost only $79, presumably in a bid to make it more attractive to those who’ve already spent money on a Daydream-compatible phone handset. Previously Google revealed Daydream at its Google I/O conference and unlike other phone-based VR efforts made to date, Daydream has a set requirement of specs for any OEMs wishing to make Android devices compatible with it – including processing power, display properties, and built-in sensors.

So, while in functionality terms the new device appears to be similar – housing a smartphone for VR purposes – the setup is much more involved than Google’s earlier Google Cardboard headset. Google also already has a Daydream storefront in place for VR applications and games.

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