Does Anthem Have PvP Multiplayer?

One of the biggest surprises and most talked about games so far at E3 2017 is Anthem, BioWare’s first non-RPG project since MDK2. The visually stunning sci-fi shooter was first unveiled at EA Play 2017 in a flashy trailer, and then given ample stage time the following day for an actual gameplay demo to cap off Microsoft’s E3 press conference. While the game has already been called a competitor to Destiny 2, many have started to wonder if there are any sort of player versus player multiplayer game modes as well.

When directly asked during an interview with Geoff Keighley, Anthem game director Jonathan Warner proved to be a little evasive and outright dodged the question entirely. Instead, Warner added additional context to the world players will be entering, into which BioWare has made sure to place an emphasis on gameplay as much as story this time around.

During the events of Anthem, humanity has found itself at the bottom of the food chain. In order to survive, the mech suits known as Javelins which were seen in the debut trailer, are required to keep players alive and safe from the hazards present in this giant open world. While the world name was not specifically provided by Warner, he did confirm that players would be the hero of the story, using those exo-suits to further progress humanity and provide a little bit of hope to the world.

Previously known under the codename Dylan, Anthem is BioWare’s attempt to tap into the lucrative MMO-lite market, currently held by massive IPs like The Division and Destiny. While there are still a lot of fans who don’t know about the just-announced title, BioWare has previously mentioned that Anthem is the biggest project the studio has ever worked on, including more social elements to bring friends together to play in new ways.

What did you think of the gameplay reveal over the weekend? Is this a game that you’re looking forward to? Let’s hear your thoughts below in the comments.

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Anthem is expected to release in fall 2018.

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