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Vidmate for Windows Phone

Vidmate is one of the leading video downloading apps in the market currently. The app is the best in some functionalities, and among the best in others. Vidmate is unique because it also doubles up as an app downloading platform too, apart from aiding in downloading music and TV show episodes.

Perhaps the best thing about Vidmate app is that the app is a very wide platform and there is therefore a lot of content that is segregated according to a lot of specifications. This essentially enables you to not only browse multiple movies based on a single specification like “Horror”, “Sci-Fi” or “Action”, but also find particular movies by using the same categories as filters! How convenient and ingenious! Not only via genre, you can also look up movies based on particular directors, actors, popularity and even get suggestions based on other users’ browsing trends. A neat arrangement, if there ever was one.


Now that we’ve established that Vidmate is one of the most painstakingly designed app, let us see why it is the one app you must have in your device for all your video browsing needs.

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  • Vidmate is very platform neutral. It offers perhaps the most diverse sorts of videos in the downloads, probably competing with TubeMate. The search results will yield popular services like YouTube along with less popular hosting like youclip or libreclip.
  • Vidmate app is a very size efficient app. The app itself is not more than 5 MBs but it enables you to download GBs worth of data, and provides you with unparalleled functionality.
  • The app helps you keep track of the files downloaded and the time needed or used to download the content. You are prompted the size of the files before you choose a video configuration. You are also informed about the download speed so you can keep an estimate of time while downloading the file you like.
  • Perhaps the best thing about this app is that it doesn’t require you to look up links to feed the app to begin download. The video files are displayed in the app and there is no need to browse the pages individually to find the correct link.

Vidmate is the best there is. And we’d love to tell you how to get this app on your Windows Phone. So here’s what you need to do.


Vidmate is an app that lets you download not only movies, but also content like apps, music and TV shows. This app is designed for Android. Unfortunately, there is no way to install the app on Windows Phones. This is largely due to unavailability of Android emulators for Windows phones.


There are currently no sufficiently popular video downloading apps on Windows Store. This is largely attributable to the sparse number of developers on the Store. However, GetThemAll is reported to be a good app. As the name suggests, GetThemAll enables you to download videos of all sorts directly onto your device. Give it a whirl, and tell us your opinions.

Vidmate is an amazing app; an experience in itself. The app is very efficient and useful. It also downloads apps, music and a host of other content for you. Unfortunately for Windows Phone owners, the app is not available on their devices. Windows phone users therefore need to make do with other apps that are available on the Store.

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