EE’s "NEW" Rebooted iPhone 6 Deal is TOO GOOD To Miss


Apple’s iPhone 6 has been re-booted with 32GB of storage

Many iPhone fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of the 10th Anniversary iPhone 8, which we hope will arrive on time in September, but could if some reports prove true be delayed by a few months.

However, there is still a market for slightly older and more affordable iPhone models, and in the meantime Apple has quietly launched a new version of the iPhone 6 with 32GB of onboard storage. It’s already been out in Asia for a little while, but has now arrived inthe UK.

It’s available on EE’s network in Space Grey; a plan is available which will see the handset offered with no up-front cost but a payment package of £35.49 per month.

As well as the phone, this gives you 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts, and 2GB of mobile data together with EU roaming bundled-in. Optionally you can pay £2.50 per month more to get unlimited minutes and a 5GB data allowance on top of the unlimited texts.

Another option is £52.99 per month for unlimited minutes and texts, plus 40GB of data on EE’s fastest speeds.

Spec-wise this version of the iPhone 6 is identical to the existing model which only came in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage models until now.

Check out our Apple iPhone 6 Review for a complete run-down of the specs and features.

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