Fidget Spinners Explained: Plus, The Best One’s To Buy


What the heck are fidget spinners? Good question – they’re weird and now very, very popular. Here’s everything you need to know

Fads come and go ALL the time. I remember back in my childhood, before the internet and smartphones, we had things like football cards, Pogs and trolls to keep us entertained. Nowadays it’s Clash of Clans and Snapchat…

And more recently, fidget spinners.

So what are fidget spinners? Basically, they’re a teeny little device, made with a ball bearing at the centre, that spins between your fingers. Fidget spinners were designed to help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and autism but were quickly picked up by the masses.

I only recently found out about these, after seeing a kid on a train playing with one for like two hours straight. It was impressive, having a young niece and nephew myself, I know all too well how hard it is to keep kids entertained – especially on a train!

I Googled some keywords and found out what this magical thing was; it was called a Fidget Spinner and, unbeknownst to me, it was now officially a phenomenon like Yoyo’s and hover-boards before it. And like all good gizmo-based fads, there is now a gamut of tricks you can learn to impress your buddies.

Interested in picking one of these up? Amazon has a MASSIVE collection of fidget spinners on offer at the moment, ranging in price from a couple of bucks right up $15.99.

The AMILIFE EDC Fidget Spinner is the best selling unit on Amazon and can now be picked up for just $2.90 – down from $29.00. Please note, though, that there are far superior fidget spinners now available. Like the Holisouse Tri-Spinner which not only looks great but also has 926 4 star reviews!

You can see the full range of Fidget Spinners over at Amazon by clicking this link. Have a browse, see what takes your fancy. Then head-on over to YouTube and learn some tricks!

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