Final Fantasy 15 Modding Could Be Shut Down if Users Get Too X-Rated

When Final Fantasy 15 arrives on PC next year, this version of the game will include support for mods. While this could allow players to make all sorts of weird and wonderful content for the game, the mod support does come with a stern warning from the game’s director.

Speaking during an interview at PAX West, director Hajime Tabata noted that “traditionally, Final Fantasy has a bit of an image that everyone has the exact same experience and shares that experience with everyone that plays the game.” But with Final Fantasy 15 “the way the whole game is structured and created gives each individual player their own individual and unique FF15 journey.” The developer expects modders to really embrace that, as “the idea that you can change it any way they want is exciting.”

However, Tabata explained that “if things are taken a little too far,” Final Fantasy 15 mod support could be axed completely. The final decision on that would be made by the CEO of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, but Tabata encourages would-be modders to “try to be as controlled as possible.”

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The game director’s latest comments echo a recent interview he gave regarding Final Fantasy 15 nude mods. Although Tabata had said that he wasn’t necessarily worried about people making nude mods for the game, he did ask players to use their “moral sense.” As making nude mods come with a risk of mod support being taken away entirely, hopefully more fans and players of the game will take Tabata’s advice on board and actually follow it.

But not everyone is so convinced that this will have a positive outcome. Some fans argue that no matter what Tabata and Square Enix say or do, the game will always end up with nude mods as that is how the Internet works and people just cannot be stopped. Others argue that Tabata’s comments may only encourage modders to make more extreme nude mods. These modders may purposefully attempt to test the line and see how much nudity Square Enix will put up with before the company just bans modders altogether.

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Final Fantasy 15 PC doesn’t have a more specific release date beyond next year but in that time Square Enix has more time to engage with the community about what is or isn’t acceptable. Whether players adhere to that is another question entirely but the publisher will surely use this time to establish some ground rules.

Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition releases in early 2018 on PC. Final Fantasy 15 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: PC Gamer

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