FIVE New Samsung Galaxy S8 Features Uncovered – And They’re Impressive


08/11/2016 – 9:05am

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will debut inside Q1 2016… and these are five of the new features you can expect to see inside the handset

After the disaster that was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung needs a strong return to form in 2017 and the handset it is pinning all its hopes on to achieve this is the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will launch inside early Q1 2017 and will likely get a release just at the end of the quarter or in very early Q2, if previous launches are anything to go by.

But what can we expect from Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S8 flagship? Quite a bit as it goes – Samsung appears to be going ALL OUT on next year’s model in a bid to re-cement its brands in the hearts and minds of consumers.

The most prominent new feature will be the handset’s design which BGR says will be an all-screen affair, similar to what we saw Xiaomi announce in October.

“The screen will be a next-generation OLED panel that is supposed to be more efficient than current designs,” the report noted. “The Galaxy S8’s screen will also incorporate the home button with its fingerprint sensor, and other buttons. Furthermore, the handset should have no less than four cameras on board. Finally, there’s going to be a new 3-coil wireless charging inside the device.”

The Galaxy S8 will also be available in two sizes: 5.7in and 6.2in – both versions will feature Samsung’s EDGE display technology as well. The resolution, while initially tipped to be 4K, is now believed to be sticking with QHD and the reason for this is, I believe, battery performance – a 4K panel would DESTROY battery performance.

Samsung Beating Apple At Its Own Game

The iPhone 8 – or whatever next year’s iPhone is called – will use AMOLED display technology, feature a dramatic new design and, importantly, feature a Home key built directly into the display, which is great… but Samsung will apparently beat Apple to market with this technology, as reports suggest the Galaxy S8 will feature a Home key with fingerprint technology built directly into the display.

Bizarrely, the power button and volume buttons will also supposedly be touch-only buttons as well!

“The Galaxy S8 will be first in the Galaxy S series to sport a dual-lens rear camera on the back,” the report added. “On the front, a selfie camera and an iris recognition camera should round out the phone’s cameras. Finally, the Galaxy S8 should feature a 3-coil wireless charging design that will bring over better range and faster charging.”

This all sounds very impressive, indeed. Finger’s crossed the battery doesn’t explode!

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