Fix Right Click is not Working on Windows 10

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After installing Windows 10, You may face some common problems, If you are unlucky. I’ve already shared several problems and the methods to get rid of these. But, Now, You will know about a new problem. It is “Mouse or Touchpad Right button click is not working”. Sometimes, In windows 10, You may notice that you are clicking on right button of mouse or touchpad. But, Your PC is not responding. Actually, It may happen in windows 8 or 7 too. But, Solutions are almost same.

right click not working


This problem is a bit different. Most of the it is not a hardware problem. It is a result of windows corrupted system files or third-party services. So, You may face your right click is working on taskbar, start menu and some core programs. But, When you want to refresh your desktop, Your right click is not working.

If it is a problem with your hardware, Your right click won’t work any where.

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Reasons Behind Right Button is not Responding:

Actually, This problem can be caused by several things. These are –

  • Mouse or Touchpad driver problem.
  • Corrupted System Files.
  • Third-party programs and services.
  • Drivers Incompatibility.

Else, There may be other reasons. But these are the most common.

How to Fix Right Click is not Working on Windows 10:

At first, You have to check some things before going to fix this issue. Here are they –

  • Check if mouse and touchpad both have the same problem.
  • Check if you can right click on task-bar or start.
  • Check if your left button is working or not.

After checking these things, You can go forward to fix this problem. Here are the methods –

Method 1: Restart Windows Explorer

This is the must try method. Every time, You experience right click is not working, You can restart windows explorer. It is a temporary solution. But, It you face the problem temporarily, It can be one and only solution. Here is how you can restart windows explorer.

  • Sometimes, Right click only may work on taskbar. If it happens to you, You can right click on taskbar and choose task manager. If right click doesn’t work on taskbar, Press CTRL+ALT+DEL from keyboard and choose task manager.
  • Now, Find Windows Explorer and right click on it. Then choose Restart.

windows explorer restart

  • Now, Check if it works like a charm.

Method 2: Switch Primary and Secondary Buttons

Another good solution is switching your mouse buttons. Some peoples claimed that it worked for them. So, You can try it.

  • At first Press Windows Key + R from keyboard to open RUN.
  • Type control panel and hit Enter.
  • Now, Navigate to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Mouse.
  • From mouse properties, Click on Buttons.
  • Now, Check Switch primary and secondery buttons.

switch mouse buttons windows

  • This time, Your right button will be left button and left one will be right. Now, You have to uncheck that option by using left button.
  • Now, See problems gone.

Method 3: Check Mouse or Touch Pad

Open Windows Device Manager. Then see if your mouse and touch pad are installed correctly. To open windows device manager, Just open RUN and type devmgmt.msc. Then press Enter.

Sometimes, Your existing mouse or touch pad may become problematic. But in device manager it seems OK. In that case, You can connect another mouse to your desktop and laptop. Then check if its right button is working fine or not. You can try different USB ports for USB mouse. If you see another device is working fine, Then it can be said undoubtedly that you should have a new mouse or touch-pad.

Method 4: Clear Junk and Repair Registry

I like to recommend you to clear your junk files and corrupted registries by using your windows disk cleaner an CCleaner. Sometimes, It may work good. You can download ccleaner from here:

Method 5: Disable Shell Extensions

It is another working trick to fix right click is not working on context menu in windows 10/8 problem. To fix it –

  • Open CCleaner.
  • Navigate to Tools > Startup > Context Menu.
  • Disable all shell extensions and restart your PC.

Method 6: Boot into Safe Mode

Booting into safe mode must work if there is no hardware problem. In that case, You should know that any of your third-party programs, services or extensions are causing right click unresponsive. Try to find out them. If you are facing this problem right after installing a program, Uninstall that completely.

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