Forget The iPhone X, Samsung’s Making a FOLDABLE Galaxy Note 9 in 2018


You’ve heard about the Samsung Galaxy X, but Samsung could well bring its foldable tech to its Galaxy Note line first

People have been talking about the Samsung Galaxy X for a good long while now. The phone, which is said to be the first handset to utilize Samsung’s foldable technology, has been rumored for almost 18 months now.

So far, nothing has happened. But today news has surfaced about Samsung’s plans to create a foldable Galaxy Note device in 2018. Multiple sources are reporting that Samsung has stated it plans on making the Galaxy Note foldable in 2018.

Whether this is the Galaxy Note 9 or a separate, additional release remains to be seen. Either way, this would be a very interesting turn of events, as the technology that would make it possible is not yet in the hands of consumers – it’s all locked away in Samsung’s skunk works.

Samsung admitted there are still some “issues” to solve before the technology will be ready for mass consumption, but it seems as if the company is betting big for foldable tech by implementing it inside its seminal Note range of smartphones.

And when you think about it, the Note kind of makes sense – just imagine what you could do with the S-Pen and a foldable design. It’d actually be rather close to an actual note pad if you could fold it.

The advent of foldable devices would be a HUGE deal for the mobile space too, as it represents a complete paradigm shift in the overall design and production of phones. No longer will they just be static blocks – everything will move and that means things like bendable batteries and components.

The idea of foldable tech is nothing new, however – there have been rumors of foldable devices since back in 2008/2009. And Samsung, more than anyone else, has been investing in the technology ever since. The Youm device showed potential, then came the Galaxy X, a now almost mythical device that was rumoured to launch this year, and now we have word that Samsung is seriously considering making the Galaxy Note 9 a foldable phone.

Whichever way you slice it, that’s pretty interesting stuff. Finger’s crossed Samsung gets the technology nailed in time for the Galaxy Note 9’s release window.

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