Friday the 13th Trailer Shows Off Spring Break Costume DLC

No classic 80s slasher flick is complete without a sexy swim suit slaughter, which is why Friday the 13th‘s first camp counselor cosmetic DLC will take players on Spring Break. Today IllFonic released a trailer showing off for the first time all of its Spring Break DLC outfits, featuring swim suits or vacation-wear for each of the multiplayer horror game’s camp counselors. No release date is yet confirmed for the DLC, but players will initially be able to pick it up at a discounted launch price of just $1.99.

The Spring Break DLC likely has no release date due to it being reliant on the release of Friday the 13th’s big Clothing Update first. Right now Friday the 13th doesn’t have the functionality to allow for counselor outfits to be unlocked. Players are limited to the default clothing for each camp counselor, as well as the customization options already available.

The Clothing Update adds the outfit functionality as well as reworks the way players customize their clothes, making it easier than ever to dress for success. The Clothing Update has no release date yet either.

Friday the 13th‘s first outfits will be the Spring Break swimsuits and vacation-wear. All current camp counselors will get their own new outfit, such as preppy Chad’s speedo and flirty Tiffany’s neon bikini. Chad and Tiffany’s outfits have been teased prior, but each of the other counselors’ Spring Break outfits make their debut in today’s trailer. Buggzy is dressed up as Camp Crystal Lake’s lifeguard, nerdy J.R. is sporting a Hawaiian shirt, and Adam is rocking a t-shirt and jorts.

The trailer also shows off one example of the Spring Break DLC‘s customization options. Prior photos of Chad in his speedo featured a black leather speedo, whereas Chad’s outfit in the trailer is tiger print. They are two very different styles of speedo, but both are very “on-brand” Chad. IllFonic will likely show off more customizations as the DLC gets closer to release, but for $1.99 most Friday the 13th dedicated players are probably already sold.

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Friday the 13th is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Spring Break DLC has no current release date but is coming soon.

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