Galaxy Note 6 rumours and release date: 8 things you need to know


As the British season draws towards long summer days, thoughts naturally turn to one thing: phone-tablet hybrids. It’s only a matter of months until the release of the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 6 is officially announced, and the rumours are starting to build about what’s in store.

From reports of USB Type-C to rumours of the handset running Android N on launch, here’s a collection of the things you need to know about the Galaxy Note 6 ahead of its release date.

1. The Galaxy Note 6 is likely to get an early autumn release date

Samsung released the last three Galaxy Note iterations somewhat inconsistently, with the Note 3, Note 4 and Note 5 launching in September, October and August respectively. Following that vague schedule, the Galaxy Note 6 should launch late summer/early autumn, a week or two after an announcement at the IFA trade show.

However, a rumour stemming from Korea suggests Samsung could push things forward and release the Galaxy Note 6 in July. While Samsung did eschew IFA 2015 for the Note 5 launch, July would place a sizeable gap between the September trade show and Samsung’s newest handset. We’d say an August/September announcement, in time for a September release, is more likely.

2. A trademark has led to rumours that the Galaxy Note 6 may get an iris scanner

Dutch blog Galaxy Club notes that Samsung has filed the names “Samsung Iris” and “Samsung Eyeprint” in Europe, suggesting we may see more in the way of biometric scanning from the Korean company.

Fingerprint scanning is becoming increasingly popular with smartphones, but there isn’t currently a great deal in the way of iris scanning on the market. If Samsung were indeed pursuing the technology, would it be ready in time for the Galaxy Note 6? It would certainly be a headline-grabbing feature, although we’d hedge our bets until firmer evidence surfaces. 

3. The Galaxy Note 6 looks like it’ll have a USB Type-C

According to SamMobile, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 6 will be getting a USB Type-C, much like the Apple MacBook, HTC 10, Nexus 6P and OnePlus 2. There’s no word yet on whether Samsung will decide to support the new USB 3.1 standard, but if it does, the USB Type-C will be able to support USB Power Delivery 2, as well as HDMI/DisplayPort video and audio. A USB Type-C is also less fiddly to use, which is a bonus.

4. The latest leaked specs point to the Galaxy Note 6 getting 6GB of RAM, and a whopping 256GB of storage

A leak on Chinese social network Weibo, reported by GizmoChina, has lain out a list of possible specs for the Galaxy Note 6. Among these is a report that the handset will have 6GB of RAM, which is a large-if-not-unprecedented amount of memory. LeEco’s Le Max 2, for example, was recently announced in a 6GB variant, so it’s certainly a possibility.

The same leak claims the Note 6 will have 256GB of storage. Again, it’s possible, but with Samsung reintroducing the microSD slot on its Galaxy S7, such a hefty capacity may be somewhat unnecessary.

5. The Galaxy Note 6 may have a 5.77in 2K display

This comes from the same Weibo leak, which claims the Note 6 will get a 5.77in display. That’s approximately an extra 0.1 inch on the 5.7in Galaxy Note 5, and seeing as Samsung has no real reason to increase screen size, we predict it’d stick to that ballpark.

The leak also says the Galaxy Note 6 will have a 2K resolution, which goes against other rumours suggesting Samsung may opt for a 4K handset. The larger resolution would give extra support to Samsung’s Gear VR headset, but we’ll have to wait and see if that ends up being the case.

6. The Galaxy Note 6 could have Android N on launch

One rumour is that the Note 6 will run on Google’s Android N software from launch. Seeing as Android N isn’t expected to be rolled out as a general operating system until mid-2016, bringing it to the Note 6 for a likely autumn release date would necessitate a rather speedy turnaround. With the Android N developer preview already live, however, that shouldn’t be ruled out.

7. The Galaxy Note 6 will probably have a similar processor and camera to the Galaxy S7, but the battery will be bigger

Several outlets, including Expert Reviews, have suggested the Galaxy Note 6 will have similar innards to its Samsung cousin, the Galaxy S7. That would give it a Exynos 8890 processor and a 12-megapixel camera, although GizmoChina’s recent leak alternatively suggests the Note 6 will have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 823 processor – an upgrade on the Snapdragon 820 currently doing the rounds in flagship devices. Battery-wise, there are rumours the Note 6 could be getting a sizeable 4,200mAh battery.

8. The price of the Galaxy Note 6 is likely to be around £620

The Galaxy Note 5 had a UK launch price of £450, but it’s slightly misleading to use this as a benchmark for the Note 6 seeing as it had a delayed launch on these shores. The two iterations before the Note 5 – the Note 3 and Note 4 – were £619 and £629 respectively. We’d say Samsung will pitch the Note 6 along these lines, with a price tag around the £620 watermark.

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