Galaxy S8: whether curved or flat, it will be a smashing hit

All eyes are on the Galaxy S8 even though we likely won’t see the smartphone until April, if the latest rumors are true. Just like the one in regards to its release date, rumors regarding Samsung’s next flagship are flowing in each day hot off the press. Some announce only a curved model, while others speak of a flat model. Regardless of the display’s final design, the Galaxy S8 can only be a success. Samsung on its side is also sure of this fact. 

Opinion by Jessica Murgia

The Galaxy S8 can only be an excellent device, especially after the flop of the Note 7

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A flat variation could be on the agenda

The rumor mill has been busy pumping out news (both real or fake) about the Galaxy S8, having only increased after the Note 7 fiasco. Up until this point, we were (almost) convinced that, unlike the two previous generations, the S8 would only be presented as an edge model, leaving the characteristic of a flat display in the dust. However, recent rumors have pointed towards the two models: a standard one and one equipped with a larger display and the name “Plus”.

The latest rumors claim that there will be a flat (SM-G950) and a curved (SM-G955) S8

The last rumor reported by SamMobile has clouded the issue, declaring that there will be a flat (SM-G950) and a curved (SM-G955) S8. Of the two models, the latter should offer a larger display of about 6 inches. Obviously, this is an unconfirmed rumor probably fed by several prototypes currently being tested in China.

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Is a flat model also on the agenda for the Galaxy S8? / © AndroidPIT

Samsung bets all its chips on the Galaxy S8

Beyond the design of either model, one thing is sure, the Galaxy S8 can only be a success. After the flop of the Note 7 and the excellent sales recorded by the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge, the South Korean brand can’t allow itself to do any less than demonstrate to its users once again that it is capable of achieving not only beautiful and well assembled high-end devices but also performing ones.

The first to believe in the success of the Galaxy S8 was Samsung itself

Samsung has no doubt that it will have a successful 2017 will the Galaxy S8. According to reports from ET News, the manufacturer has declared having prepared some 10 million units for the launch of the device. The production plan seems to have been delivered to various suppliers and mass production should begin in March, just in time for the rumored release scheduled for April.

After the flop of the Note 7, Samsung will have to do its best to deliver the best in mobility in order to not further damage its reputation. 

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Samsung should use the Galaxy S8 to re-confirm the brand’s expertise in mobile telephone. / © AndroidPIT

In 2016, the company had reached a new record with 10 million Galaxy S7’s sold a month after its release onto the market. Taking it at face value, as reported by the Korean magazine, Samsung seems therefore ready to achieve the same success (if not exceeding it) with the Galaxy S8. Moreover, that of the Note 7 was only a bad and unfortunate episode, this chapter in Samsung’s history is now closed. However, it is one Samsung should not forget about it, as it was an important lesson to learn.

Will Samsung succeed in its intent? Probably yes, but to find out for sure, we’re going to have to be a bit patient yet. What are you expecting from the launch of the Galaxy S8?

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