Goodbye, Galaxy Note 7… HELLO, Google Pixel Phones!



Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 PR disaster might just be exactly what Google’s new Pixel Phones need to succeed

Richard Goodwin

10:54, 15 Sep 2016

The Galaxy Note 7 landed after months and months of speculation and now, mere weeks after its official release date, the handset appears to be all but dead with no chance of recovery.

Think about it: exploding batteries, mass-recalls, fires… it’s not exactly a comforting thought and the ramifications of this debacle could go even further, affecting Samsung’s other phones and products.

I mean, how could a company the size of Samsung miss something like this?

We all know batteries are dangerous. I smoke an ecig — or vape mod, whatever — and when purchasing cells online or from stores and installing said batteries in your mod you have to be super careful. The reason? Unstable batteries can blow your face off.

How these “affected” cells managed to get through Samsung’s QC process is a mystery, though it is one that will no doubt dog the company for years to come and likely cost it billions in the process.

And now that the Galaxy Note 7 is effectively dead, or, so far over the cliff a return seems unlikely, this leaves the market WIDE open for one of the most exciting phones likely to launch this year — Google’s Pixel phones.

Indeed, those looking at picking up the Note 7 will know likely think twice about it and when they begin looking for other options they will inevitably stumble across Google’s Pixel phones, which launch on October 4.

Not only will these Pixel phones run stock Android with a few bespoke features thrown in for good measure, but they will also feature Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 821 CPU, a raft of VR-ready software to take advantage of Google’s burgeoning DayDream platform and much more besides.

The way I see it is simple: there is no more exciting phone in the pipeline. This Pixel Phone lineup is Google’s first step towards becoming the Apple of the Android space and that is very significant. Plus, being a brand new “brand” Google will almost certainly attempt to wow punters and reviewers alike with something very special indeed.

Expect top of the line specs, top of the line imaging, top of the line display technology and a raft of exclusive Android software features you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

If this Note 7 thing hadn’t happened, Google would face stiff competition from Samsung upon its entry to the space, however, now that Samsung is effectively out of the picture it gives Google free reign over the Android space.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Google brought the launch forward in order to catch the wave before it breaks.

I cannot wait to see these phones.

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