GPX viewer and recorder Appx for Windows 10 Mobile



GPX viewer and recorder Appx for Windows 10 Mobile

GPX viewer and recorder is a free windows 10 app that run on smartphones, tablet and pc.With this app you can follow you and draw the route on a map, then save it in the device;  or you can view a previously recorded GPX file. This way, you can record a track through your smartphones, and view it on your pc large screen.

You can also import / export a local file (track route) in the documents folder of your device. You have four modes of operation (you will find more details into the app help page).

There is also a detail page for each stored route, with some statistics data (latitude departure / arrival, longitude departure / arrival, time departure / arrival, speed minimum / maximum / average, altitude minimum / maximum / average).


  • GPX files viewer
  • Register a GPX file
  • Gps navigation
  • Track your route on map
  • Follow me on map
  • Replay a route previously stored
  • Save the route in your device
  • Import/export a local file in Documents folder
  • Car tracks gps / Cycle tracks gps / Running tracks gps
  • Motion data

Download the GPX viewer and recorder app from Here!

GPX viewer and recorder

Having Problems with Xap or Appx Deployment? Please go through the Beginners Guide.
PS : Always buy genuine apps & games to support the developers. Please dont use patches unless you cant afford to buy it or if apps are not supported for your region. 

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