GR Pick: The Simpsons Play Pokemon GO

Fox releases a new video showing The Simpsons hopping onto the Pokemon GO craze. Between playing the app and being a responsible parent, Homer’s choice is obvious.

The world seems to have ignited in Pokemon GO fever ever since the application launched two weeks ago, and it hasn’t taken long for popular media to play its part with the latest craze. With hordes of gamers literally stampeding along the streets, it’s getting quite hard to find someone who isn’t aware of the the popularity and influence of Pokemon GO. Now that celebrities are playing on the game’s popularity too, it should come as no surprise that television shows have officially joined the party.

Gamers tuning in to the Fox YouTube channel to catch the latest short for The Simpsons probably weren’t expecting a quick take on gaming’s current events, but that’s exactly what they got. The channel has released an official Simpsons short detailing Homer’s obsession with Pokemon GO, poking fun at the perceived inability of some gamer’s to pay attention to their surroundings while using the app. To be fair, it’s not like Homer was ever the most attentive father – though we admit that Pokemon GO brings out the easily distracted part in all of us, too.

Gamers can check out the video below, which has a runtime clocking in at just under a minute:

Fox is hardly the first company to hop onto the Pokemon GO hype train: T-Mobile has already pushed out a promotion involving the Pokemon GO application, and rumors state that McDonald’s may be involved in an official tie-in.

The long-running television show is no stranger to playing on current events, having tested out some live animation features post-credits in recent months. Still, the fact that the production crew behind The Simpsons was able to publish a short so soon after the launch of Pokemon GO is quite impressive.

Though some viewers have expressed distaste at the depiction of children unattended at a zoo due to current events, we think the skit was a light-hearted prod at Pokemon GO that didn’t contain any deeper implication from the setting. In any event, the phrase “The Simpsons did it” has rung true once again. Nothing is safe!

It’s clear that Pokemon GO doesn’t need any help getting gamers into crazy situations, so we’d like to remind gamers to be aware of the dangers that come with Pokemon GO. Basic situational awareness is a good thing – that PokeStop across the street is still going to be there in a few minutes, so there’s no need to dart across traffic.

It’s probably just a Drowzee, anyway.

What did you think about the Pokemon GO skit, Ranters?

Source: YouTube

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