Hitman’s Next Elusive Targets are Harry and Marv from Home Alone


IO Interactive launches a holiday event for Hitman called Holiday Hoarders, which includes new outfits and Home Alone baddies Harry and Marv as elusive targets.

This past October, the first season of Hitman came to an end, but that doesn’t mean IO Interactive is done supporting the game. On the contrary, the studio just launched a holiday-themed event for the game called Holiday Hoarders, which adds a number of Christmas outfits for players to collect, and throws a pair of amusing new elusive targets into the mix:  the thieves from Home Alone, the notorious Wet Bandits themselves, Harry and Marv.

In Hitman, Harry and Marv have invaded the Paris level, looking to rob the Palais De Walewska. Similarly to previous elusive targets, Agent 47 must first locate Harry and Marv in the crowd, then stealthily kill them for bonus rewards. Harry and Marv will only be available to kill in the game for a limited time, so anyone hoping to follow in the footsteps of Kevin McCallister will want to get in on the Holiday Hoarders event as soon as possible.

IO Interactive is likely hoping that the chance to off characters from one of the most popular Christmas movies ever made will draw players back to Hitman. Since it continues to add famous elusive targets to the game, one has to imagine that IO Interactive is seeing an increase in active players whenever it pulls one of these stunts, like when it added Gary Busey as an elusive target, for example.

The constant updates to the world of Hitman, such as elusive targets like Home Alone‘s Wet Bandits and Gary Busey, have made it a unique entry in the series, allowing it to have special events that are usually reserved for multiplayer titles. Its episodic approach to the story has also allowed the developers to comment on current events in a way that many other games don’t have the chance to, with one episode even poking fun at president-elect of the United States, Donald Trump.

If IO Interactive is able to keep adding references to current events and attention-grabbing characters to Hitman, there’s no reason to believe that its popularity can’t be sustained on the way to its second season premiere. Fans haven’t been given a timetable to let them know when to expect the second season of the game to kick off, but there’s no shortage of celebrities and fictional characters for IO to utilize to keep fans interested in the meantime.

Out of all the holiday-themed video game events this year, Hitman‘s is one of the most interesting, giving fans the chance to square off against two iconic Christmas movie characters as the brutal Agent 47. Plus, it has the added benefit of supporting the World Cancer Research Fund, so gamers that dive in to the Holiday Hoarders content can not only use it to celebrate the season, but they can also help out a good cause.

Hitman is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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