How the Counselor Clothing Update Works

Details regarding Friday the 13th‘s “Counselor Clothing Update” have been made available by co-developer IllFonic. The Clothing Counselor Update will allow Friday the 13th players to completely change their outfits and then customize each individual piece of that outfit. In addition, the customization system is being revamped to streamline the process and make it easier to see what looks best on a counselor.

Friday the 13th players are already able to customize their camp counselors to a certain degree, and those customizations aren’t going anywhere. Players right now can alter a counselor’s default outfit with different materials and color options. Those options will remain and may even have additional options to select from, but the major change is the addition of outfits, which completely change a character’s dress and offer new clothing pieces to customize. Outfits cannot be intermixed, unfortunately.

friday the 13th counselor clothing item select

Friday the 13th Clothing Update

How the new menu system works is extremely straightforward and intuitive. On the left side of the screen will be the player’s customization options for the chosen counselor and on the right will be the counselor’s model, updating as the player’s selections change. Players will first choose from a scrolling menu featuring all the counselor’s outfits. That opens a list of all the clothing pieces within the outfit, with each opening up a grid of customizations specific to that clothing piece. Having all of the customization options clearly laid out on a single screen is great for usability.

To kick off the new Counselor Clothing Update, IllFonic will be offering a new premium DLC pack named the Spring Break 1984 Clothing Pack. The DLC pack does not have a release date yet, but two outfits in the pack have been revealed: a bikini for Tiffany and a speedo for Chad. It’s unclear if more outfits will be included in the pack or if this is it. The Spring Break 1984 Clothing Pack will launch at a discounted price of $1.99, but will sell for $3.99 after that.

Friday the 13th is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Counselor Clothing Update and Spring Break 1984 DLC do not have release dates, but are planned to launch soon.

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