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Sometimes, Blue screen error can hamper your works by sudden appearance. MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION is one of them though it is not very common BSOD. This problem can come temporarily and disappear automatically. Sometimes, It may appear frequently after installing a new hardware. In that case, You must know how to fix MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION. This error also may appear with stop error code 0x0000009C or something like it. All of these codes indicate any hardware failure. This issue can be occured in any versions of Windows like XP, Vista, 7 or 8. Recently, Windows 10 users are getting this error. Most of them were the older PC users who upgraded from 7 or 8.

Reasons Behind this Error:

Basically this blue screen of death is the result of overclocking, overheating and misconfiguration of any hardware. When your computer fails to load or recognize any installed hardware, It may show you the BSOD error machine check exceptionAnyway, Here are the main things that causes this error –

  • Problematic or incorrectly configure Drivers.
  • Missing or problematic system files.
  • Security software.
  • Problematic CPU fans.

These are the main reasons behind this error. But, there may be other things which are not common.


When you want to solve this blue screen error, You should try to find out the reasons behind it. Also, You should check if this problem started appearing after recent changes in your PC hardware or operating system or not. You also should remember how old is your PC and how often you clean it. Anyway, Here are the fixes for machine check exception BSOD.

Remove Recently Installed Drivers or Software or Hardware

Most of the time, Blue screen error comes suddenly. It is because of recent changes that you made in your PC. Try to remember what you have done and when you started to face this error. Then uninstall any drivers, software from your PC that you have installed recently. If you have added a new hardware, You can disconnect it and run PC. Then see, If you still face machine check exception.

Check CPU and Power Supply Fans:

Sometimes, Your PC or laptops fans may be stuck due to dust. In that case, Your PC may become overheated. Then, Any user may face this BSOD. In that case, You can open your CPU and then switch the power button ON and see if the fans are OK. Sometimes, You may find that fans are very slow or stuck. In that case, You will need to clean them or replace with new one. After doing it, You should not face “MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION” again.

Update Windows & Drivers:

Another great way to resolve this problem is updating all of your drivers. You also should update windows. Sometimes, Outdated drivers that is not compatible with the latest build of your operating system can cause blue screen stop errors. In that case, Updating drivers can fix this problem.

Safe Mode:

When your PC opens, It loads so many services including third-party during startup. Sometimes, That may cause any conflict. As a result, You have good chance to encounter any problem like BSOD. Safe mode is a way that disables everything except some builtin basic services. It helps to troubleshoot many problems in your PC. This is the method for the users who can’t access their PC for Machine Check Exception error. You can boot into safe mood and remove recently installed drivers, programs or windows update. To boot into safe mode when you can’t access windows, Follow alternative method 2 and 4 from this article. If you need to update drivers, You can boot into safe mode with networking.

Troubleshoot by Creating Small Minidump:

You can take as ultimate method. When your PC experience any BSOD errors, It can store all related date of it in a dump file. By analyzing it, You can find out the root reasons of this error. You can read: Create and Configure Small Minidmup File

In that article, I’ve described how you can create blue screen dump file and view it. You will definitely find the problematic drivers that caused the BSOD in your PC. It will help you to fix the problem. Just, Update / Reinstall these drivers with latest version or post the driver names in microsoft forum. I hope, It will help you.

System Restore:

If you think that these are not working. You can try system restore. It will transfer your PC’s environment in a previous stage when you had not faced this problem. It it doesn’t work, You can consider refreshing windows.

Fix Machine_Check_Exception While Running Virtualization Software

Some users have reported that they face this BSOD only when you they try to run virtual desktop type software. It may happen due to memory problems or BIOS problems. In that case, Above solutions can help you. But, Additionally, You can follow these things:

  • Diagnose and Fix RAM Problems.
  • Update BIOS. Updating it is a critical thing. You have to do it carefully. All of the instructions you will find in your PC manufacture website.

I hope, These information will help you. I will be happy, If you have any better working solution. You can share it by comment.

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