iPhone 7s and iPhone Pro: Could Apple Change iPhone Branding In 2017?


Richard Goodwin

24/03/2017 – 12:07pm

Apple’s iPhone 8 might actually be called the iPhone Pro.

I love Reddit. I spend hours on the site, reading about all kinds of stuff. It’s great for technology news, opinions and rants as well as leaks about upcoming films and pretty much everything else in between.

I came across a post the other day that I found really interesting. The title was: “What I think the 2017 iPad means for this September’s iPhone devices.”

Basically, the guy that posted it claims that Apple ditching its Air branding for its laptops and iPads is move to simplify its products into two distinct categories: consumer and prosumer (or expensive and very expensive).

Just look at the new iPad lineup: you have iPad (9.7 and Mini) and iPad Pro. iPad Pro is for serious, “professional” usage, while iPad is for more casual stuff like browsing the web and playing games.

Similarly, Apple’s MacBook lineup now has a similar slant: you have the iMac and Mac Pro and MacBook and MacBook Pro now that Apple has got rid of the Air brand.

The only aspect of the theory I don’t agree with is the part that claims Apple will switch to calling its next iPhone releases “iPhone” and “iPhone Pro” – I just don’t see Apple dropping the number designation.

The iPhone 8 could well be called the iPhone Pro; that kind of makes sense, as Apple wouldn’t have three handsets spread over two numbers on the market at the same time.

Using the number 8, stupid as it might sound, could also be a marketing thing too – a move that is done to ensure people equate the iPhone 8 as the “same” or “better” than the Galaxy S8. Lower numbers often carry connotations of inferiority and brands like Apple and Samsung are aware of this.

None of this is official, but I think Darxo, the OP, made some excellent points and the discussion that follows, if you’re on Reddit, is definitely worth a read as well.

What you guys reckon? 

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