iPhone 8 Design LEAKED In Live Photos


iPhone 8 Design LEAKED – The iPhone 8 design has fully leaked online!!

Although there has been a bit of recent doubt, the latest reports indicate that Apple’s iPhone 8 launch is back on track and will happen in September, and now we’re seeing a leaked set of live photos of an iPhone 8 mock-up or dummy unit.

According to BGR, these photos do show the final design of the iPhone 8. “As has been the case in years past, this mockup is thought to have been built using actual finalized schematics that were leaked from the factories that will build Apple’s next-generation iPhones,” said the report.


While the overall design language of the iPhone 8 appears to be present, the report does note that not all markings and ports are present, including the lack of a fingerprint scanner. This means we don’t yet know where certain key features will be positioned, previous rumours have said the iPhone 8 will have the Touch ID fingerprint scanner embedded under glass, while others have said it will feature a face scanner or iris scanner instead.

“These photos show an iPhone 8 design that is largely in line with recent rumors. The phone features 2.5D glass panels on the front and back that curve slightly at their edges. Sandwiched between them is a polished stainless steel midframe that is rounded as well, perfectly continuing the slope of the 2.5D glass. The result is a smooth design that will likely feel seamless in the hand,” said BGR.


The rear panel also houses a very prominent camera array with a metal bezel; it’s arranged vertically rather than the existing iPhone 7’s horizontal setup. For this mock-up it’s just a void of inky blackness, but for the real-deal it’s believed this will house a dual-camera sensor, LED-flash module, and a microphone.


As you can see, the iPhone 8 design has no 3.5mm headphone jack and uses a Lightning port at the base. It also has dual-speaker grilles.

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