iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7: We pit the titans against each other


There’s only about a month left until the release of the iPhone 8, and the rumours and leaks are duly abounding. Meanwhile, Apple stirred the pot with its controversial omission of the iPhone 7’s 3.5mm headphone jack – all in the name of style (read: slimmer design), but to the disappointment of hordes of consumers.

If you’re looking to buy a new iPhone in the coming weeks or months, or you’re looking to change up your contract, you’re probably mulling over whether to hold tight for the imminent release of the iPhone 8. Whilst its concrete specifications and design haven’t yet been ratified, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect when it comes to the iPhone 8’s design, features and specs. Read on to find out which of the youngest additions to the iPhone brood you should invest in.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7: Design

The iPhone 7 hardly signalled a massive shakeup in Apple’s design department, with the handset sporting a remarkably similar design to the iPhone 6s. That being said, it made the polarising call to do away with the 3.5mm headphone jack, a feat that delighted and dismayed in equal measure, with some applauding the landmark omission, and others lamenting the impracticality of the decision (cue cries of “But what if I want to charge my phone AND listen to music AT THE SAME TIME!? I’m not forking out for special kit!”)

Meanwhile, sources suggest the iPhone 8 handset has undergone a radical design overhaul. Rumours, leaks, and a hands-on video have hinted at major changes in the iPhone 8, including bezel-less screen à la the Samsung S8, which we dubbed the best smartphone of 2017 (thus far).

It’s been suggested that the iPhone 8 will do away with Touch ID, instead sporting a larger lock button with an integrated fingerprint sensor. The back of the handset is said to be glass in order to facilitate wireless charging.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7: Features

The iPhone 8 is expected to boast a roster of new features in a dazzling display of one upmanship against its predecessor; the new model is expected to support pioneering technological feats such as wireless charging facilitated by a glass back and facial-recognition technology.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 8 will not be reviving the 3.5mm headphone jack, and, is reportedly culling the Touch ID button, either integrating it into a larger lock button or replacing it entirely, with facial recognition technology. Upgrades all round, then.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7: Specs

It’s certain that the iPhone 8 will feature a faster chip than the iPhone 7, but when it comes to battery life – most people’s qualms with the iPhone – there are no promises as to improved stamina. Traditionally, Apple has managed to minimise the battery physically whilst maintaining battery life; so we can expect the iPhone 8 to have a similar (if not, fingers crossed, marginally longer) battery life.

Given the iPhone 8’s bezel-less design, the screen is expected to rival that of the iPhone 7 Plus, whilst only slightly exceeding the entire size of the iPhone 7 itself.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7: Verdict

If you’re holding out to buy a top-of-the-range smartphone (and top-of-the range they both are), we’d recommend holding tight until the iPhone 8 is released in about a month’s time. Either way, you’ll likely be dropping serious money on a high-quality smartphone, but the iPhone 7 comprises a relatively meagre upgrade from its iPhone 6s predecessor. Meanwhile, the ramped-up design, glassy body, and bezel-less screen of the iPhone 8 makes for one hell of an update. Chuck in a horde of futuristic yet practical features such as facial recognition and wireless charging, and the iPhone 8 clinches the prize. Plus if you hang on and are underwhelmed, it’s likely the iPhone 7 will see a price cut. Waiting is a win-win, basically.

Rumours suggest Apple will be releasing three phones this coming September, with the imminent iPhone 7s expected to cost as much as the iPhone 7, meaning one thing to be careful of vis à vis the iPhone 8 is its price. With a pay-as-you-go iPhone 7 retailing at a hefty £569.99 for the 32GB, there have been rumours that the iPhone 8’s cost could be ramped up to as much as £1,000 ($1,300).

We will update this page as and when we receive more information about the iPhone 8.

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