Is the Galaxy Note 7 worth the wait?

With all of the problems linked to the Galaxy Note 7’s battery, you probably think that, despite all of its positive features, this phone isn’t worth the hassle. This star phablet from Samsung is about to find its way onto the market and is rumored to be ready to explode. Here I’ll give you at least two major reasons to wait for the newest top of the line model from Samsung, according to me.

1. The Galaxy Note 7 is the Swiss army knife of smartphones

Two weeks ago, my colleague Benoit Pepicq wrote an article outlining why he doesn’t want to buy a Galaxy Note 7. He mentioned the “TouchWiz” interface as being more than he needed. Nevertheless, after publishing an article on my test run with the Galaxy Note7, I’m even more convinced that this model is something great. This slick-as-a-swiss army knife phone deserves your attention too.

If the Note line followed the features of the Galaxy Note 4, coming with a removable battery, the company would have avoided some disorder.

What do you think?

The Galaxy Note7 is a complete smartphone, and its only average feature is the audio quality of the speakers. The rest of the device’s specs are well above average. The interface software is also not the best available on the market, but it works great anyway. And, it’ll allegedly be getting a facelift with the next update too.

If you want a telephone for private use and or one for work or one for games or even one just for traveling, this is one of the best options on the market with a quick recharge-system and quick translation: the Galaxy Note7 is a one gadget catchall.

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The Note 7 serves both business people and adventurers. / © AndroidPIT

The S Pen accessory helps take quick notes without even disrupting the package, and its 1P68 certification proves that you can use it near water without any worries.

You’re paying now for the technology of the future

This device also brings together a lot of different technologies in order to make the user experience on Netflix, when playing games, when looking at images or social media apps compatible for the next two years. The device’s screen is the first one to offer HDR10 compatibility with a dynamic 10 bit range instead of the standard 8 bit range available on most smartphones currently on the market. With the Note7, you are paying today for new technology, including the much talked about iris scanner.

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The Note 7 camera is one of the best of the high-end smartphones. / © AndroidPIT

2. The price! After the storm comes the calm

The Galaxy Note smartphones come at a very accessible price, especially considering their technical capabilities and performances. This is the only model that doesn’t yet have a major rival seller (well, except Apple). Of course, the problems with the battery don’t exactly help the phone’s image, and have even led to more frustration than the iPhone 4’s Antennagate in 2010. It’s even worse when you think about the fact that the Note7 is Samsung’s major seller. And if we consider too that Apple has already started taking preorders for their new iPhone 7 Plus, the version even bigger than the iPhone 7, it’s a little concerning.

But for Samsung, who lost multiple billions in stocks and recall costs, the marketing efforts for the Galaxy Note7 on this scale are impressive. They’re even making a few special offers.

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Note 7: A complete smartphone with a large stain in its history. / © AndroidPIT

Paradoxically, if the Galaxy Note7 could have learned something from the features on the Note 4 (namely a longer battery life), their major issue would be taken care of.

What do you think about these reasons to buy the Galaxy Note7? Let us know in the comments!

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