LG G6 In The Works: Curved OLED Plans Cancelled, Report Claims



LG is working on the LG G6 for 2017 but it won't feature a curved OLED display

Paul Briden

10:52, 3 Oct 2016

A new report claims that LG has cancelled plans to incoporate a curved OLED display on the LG G6, which is of course interesting in and of itself, but the real point of interest for us is that an LG G6 is in fact in development; which is the first we’ve heard of it!

The word comes via local Korean news source, citing industry insider sources for the information, who say the LG G6 is scheduled for launch inside 2017. Considering the LG G5 launched on the same day as the Samsung Galaxy S7 last year, a day before MWC 2016, we have a suspicion LG may be aiming for the same February-March slot in 2017. The sources say LG intends to stick to flat screen panels for the LG G6, but allegedly curved OLED was on the cards at one point; it’s not clear if that meant a Galaxy S7 EDGE style design or something different entirely.

It’s claimed, however, that the decision is down to concerns over supply; LG sources its display panels direct from its own subsidiary, LG Display, but apparently LG concluded that LG Display would be unable to guarantee an adequate supply of curved OLED panels for the LG G6. According to the report, LG believes that demand could only be met after LG Display production facilities in Gumi, South Korea, are sufficiently upgraded with new equipment – this is something that is scheduled to happen in the latter half of 2017, but of course that’s too late to help with the LG G6.

On top of all this, the report claims the LG G6 will feature a metal body with what’s referred to as a “tempered glass finish”, but it’s not clear what this actually means. Something that remains up in the air at this point is LG’s modular design seen on the LG G5; apparently LG has not yet decided whether to continue this for the LG G6 or to continue supporting it on the LG G5, while everything is to play for at this stage there is the possibility of the modular designs being scrapped.

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