LG G6+ OFFICIAL With Better Specs, Bang & Olufsen Headphones


LG is launching a new, enhanced edition of the LG G6

LG has followed up the LG G6 with a new improved model, dubbed the LG G6+. The LG G6+ comes in new colour options, packs more onboard storage, and comes bundled with a pair of Bang & Olufsen headphones.

The LG G6+’s storage is double that of the LG G6 at 128GB, but it still has the same 4GB of RAM and the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 CPU. This upgraded model, however, does unlock the chipset’s Qi Wireless Charging support.

The new colour choices are “Optical Marine Blue”, “Optical Terra Gold”, and “Optical Black”. Why Optical? Well that’s because these finishes have a new coating means the colour will shift and change depending on how the light hits it.

LG is yet to announce pricing or availability, but you can be almost certain it will arrive in South Korea first. Hopefully it will not remain an exclusive to LG’s home territory.

In addition, the LG G6+ will bring a new version of the firm’s software package layered on top of Android. LG has also revealed that this will be arriving on the regular LG G6 as its first major software update since launch.

Amongst the new features is the ability for the phone to use its face recognition software when the phone is locked, likely meaning you’ll be able to unlock it simply by staring into its souless eyes.

LG has also improved Low Power Consumption features, which pretty much does exactly what it describes in improving battery life; it does this by monitoring data from the phone’s sensors and intelligently optimising power consumption according to location and other information.

A few other minor tweaks include the ability to auto-record calls from certain numbers and Hi-Fi Quad Audio volume control.

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