LG V30 Will Land In August With OLED Display


LG’s prepping the release of the LG V30 for August, meaning it’ll get a release alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The LG V20 was an awesome phone. Though only available in the US, sorry, UK punters, the handset proved popular with consumers and has, in recent years, allowed LG to develop two, distinct flagship brands.

LG is planning to launch the LG V30 a little earlier this year, though: it’s apparently landing in August, according to The Investor. The LG G7 will launch earlier too; that phone will land in January, apparently.

Both will use OLED displays as well, which should result in some seriously impressive visual performance.

“Like other V-series devices,” reports 9t05Mac, “the V30 will offer a second display, but rumors pin that display as being one that slides out from under the standard display to offer functions like a keyboard, contextual-buttons, search results, and more.”

Nothing is known about the V30’s specs and hardware, at least, not yet, anyway.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 CPU will almost certainly feature, as will 6GB of RAM and, potentially, Android Oreo, though the latter aspect depends entirely on when Google releases the update.

The report claims the LG G7 will run Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 845 CPU, which will replace the Snapdragon 845 CPU in 2018. This chipset has not yet been announced, however, so expect more news about this setup later on this year.

The earlier release dates for these phones has likely been implemented in order to better position LG’s handsets for when Apple and Samsung’s new phones launch in September and August, respectively.

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