Microsoft Itself Removes Windows Phone Support from One App


Windows Phone is going through some very difficult times these days, as both users and developers are migrating away from the platform and Microsoft keeps sending all kinds of bad signals about the future of the operating system.

The latest such signal is the removal of Windows Phone support from the HealthVault health platform that was supposed to provide users with an easy way to manage health data and fitness records.
But with HealthVault itself becoming less of a priority, Microsoft took the unexpected decision to remove Windows Phone support, so it’s now reaching to users to tell them about the change.

App compatibility issues

What’s more surprising, however, is that Microsoft is adopting the same tactic as the other developers that decided to leave the platform and it’s emailing users to inform about the Windows Phone support removal and, at the same time, recommending them to access the service in the browser.

“We’re reaching out because y… (read more)
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