Microsoft Meteor Is the Ultimate Windows Phone Concept



Microsoft Meteor Is the Ultimate Windows Phone Concept : In the meantime, Microsoft is ignoring Windows Phone, but this isn’t stopping designers from imagining how it could be improved in the future. This is how concepts that envision new Windows 10 Mobile features or devices come to life.

Today’s concept is called Microsoft Meteor and shows a Windows phone that’s more of a mix between several other devices, as it includes design cues borrowed even from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

As ConceptPhones puts it, this concept is inspired by another one that we’ve talked about a few days ago and which came with a big round button on the back with support for gestures.

The same approach is being used in this concept as well, so in addition to serving the role of a Home button, it can also control volume by swiping up and down with the finger or a fingerprint sensor.

“No chances to see this created”

The design surely looks interesting and although at first glance it is doable, you can bet it’s a lot harder than that to turn such a project in reality. Microsoft certainly doesn’t want to go so far with a new phone, but it’ll be interesting to see what the upcoming Surface Phone is going to look like. Assuming that it’s indeed real, that is.

In the meantime, concepts like these show that there’s still a big interest in new Windows phones and Microsoft’s really playing the wrong card here, as it decided to stay tight-lipped and ignore the community of users and devs.

As a result, many of them are already leaving the platform for Android and iOS, as the wait for new devices, such as the Surface Phone, has become more painful than anyone expected. With a little luck, the Surface Phone should be here in 2017. Source: softpedia

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