Microsoft SLASHES Xbox One Price To Lowest EVER



Microsoft has slashed the price of its Xbox One as the Xbox One S release date approaches…

Richard Goodwin

09:58, 26 Jul 2016

Microsoft’s Xbox One has just had its price slashed rather considerably. But this should not come as a surprise, as Microsoft is gearing up to launch a brand new Xbox in August called the Xbox One S.

And whenever a new product is about to launch, older hardware gets its price slashed — this happens with TVs, phones, tablets and gaming consoles. Microsoft has reduced the price of the Xbox One to $250, making the console very affordable, considering how much it cost when it first launched.

This offer is only on the table for a limited time, however, but if you do pull the trigger on it and go for it you get an Xbox One with 500GB hard drive, one controller, and a game of your choice. Game bundles include various popular titles such as Forza Motorsport 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and Rare Replay.

How long’s the offer on for? Simple: as long as supplies last. Best Buy and Amazon are both now running the deal with immediate effect.

Or, you can hold out for the Xbox One S which will get released in August. Personally, I’d go for the cheaper Xbox One. I don’t have a 4K TV or plan on getting one, so support for 4K media isn’t exactly a deal-breaker for me. The Xbox One S will retail for $299 when it’s released.

Having said that, the Xbox One S does have a few other tricks up its sleeve; the console is 40% smaller, packs in 2TB of storage, features a new controller and a new vertical stand, so it doesn’t have to sit flat on your TV stand.

Here’s an extract from an interview with Microsoft’s Phil Spencer via Euro Gamer on the subject of the Xbox One S:

“First thing for us with Xbox One S is making sure we have a great entry-level price, because price is critical. It’s $299, smaller design, great-looking design, it plays all your Xbox One games, your accessories work. If you think about the really critical things it has to go do, we needed to tick all those boxes. That was the product.

“Then we looked at what was happening, and we said there were some opportunities for us to do a little more. With upgrading the HDMI technology in the box, we’re able to support 4K video streaming. So we said, okay, if we’re going to support 4K video streaming, let’s also put a UHD Blu-ray drive in there for 4K disc, so you can watch video in 4K. Just because where we were in technology, we saw that and we said, okay, let’s make that possible. From a design standpoint, it was designed to play Xbox One games exactly the same way your existing Xbox One does.”

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