Microsoft to launch #Lumia650 in India by March 2nd 2016


Microsoft to launch #Lumia650 in India by March 2nd 2016

Microsoft launched Lumia 650 on February 15th in a low-profile announcement. We have been covering Lumia 650 specifications, price & More. We have also posted detailed comparison between,

that gives you a good idea about how Lumia 650 compares to other mid-range Lumia devices in terms of specifications, feature and price.

Now, our retail channel sources tell us that Microsoft may be planning to laucnh Lumia 650 to India on or around March 2. Retail people usually get information from Microsoft marketing guys and it changes at times with change in plans at Microsoft’s end. So we can take it as a early March timeline for Lumia 650 to launch in India. Also keep in mind it may not be available to buy immediately after launch and may 1-2 weeks to be in stock.

The pricing has been tipped to be around Rs 14999 that sounds bit on higher side,

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