Moto G4 review

LENOVO-OWNED Motorola has long been crowned king of the budget smartphone market, thanks to its popular Moto G line-up. 

Can the fourth-generation Moto G assume the mantle as the king of budget smartphones for another year? Let’s find out.

The Moto G line has never pretended to be anything other than affordable with their simple candybar aesthetics. If you’re looking for a phone with a premium design you’ve come to the wrong place. That said, it’s not an ugly device. Yes it’s simple, but the smooth curves make it stylish too.

Moto G4 review - curves

Motorola knows how to do austerity right and the Moto manages to avoid many of the usual traps that signify cost cutting. We’re still not fans of the plasticky power and volume buttons, though.

The Moto G4 weighs 155g and measures 153×76.6×9.8mm, making it bigger than the HTC 10 and Galaxy S7.

Limited customisation options are the only slight downer here. Gone are the grippy and textured finishes, but you can tinker (to an extent) using the Moto Maker website.

The back panel is available in dark fig, foam, chalk white, raspberry, deep sea blue, pitch black, cobalt blue and lava red, and there are five ‘accent’ colours: metallic fine gold, metallic pink, metallic silver, metallic ocean and metallic dark grey.

It’s water resistant, so not fully waterproof (i.e. IPX7 certified) like the Moto G3, which is a shame.

There’s a generous 5.5in of screen real estate, the biggest in Moto G history. This is an IPS LCD panel with full HD and 401ppi.

Moto G4 review - display

Happily, Motorola has decided to leave the 720p screen back in 2015. There’s a pleasing colour palette here, with a good sense of contrast and crisp lines. This could be the best screen we’ve seen on a Moto yet.

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