Moto G5 & Moto G5 Plus LEAKS: Specs, March 2017 Release Date, Photos




We saw Lenovo and Motorola’s 2017 roadmap leak just recently and sure enough a new fifth generation of Moto G devices was present and correct, and now, as of December 3, images and details have leaked regarding the Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus, including specs and a launch date.

First up, the images appear to be screenshots from a product page, due to the “learn more” hyperlinks included; perhaps this is an internal test page from inside Lenovo/Motorola. The names are quite clearly given as Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus and we can see the front panel of each device which, somewhat unsurprisingly for the G-series, look very similar to the last-gen.

Bundled-in with the images is a specs sheet, which details 5.5in Full HD 1080p displays on both models (so the “Plus” is not referring to physical or display size), as well as octa-core processors (though the specifics are not revealed), 5MP front-camers, and fast turbo-charging for battery cells.

The Moto G5 has a 13MP primary camera and 16GB of onboard storage, while the Moto G5 Plus seems to have an additional 32GB storage option, a fingerprint scanner, and a higher-rated 16MP primary camera. Both handsets are pegged for a March 8 2017 launch.

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