Moto X 2017 LEAKS In All Its METAL Glory!


Paul Briden

02/12/2016 – 2:47pm

Lenovo's plans for a full 2017 line-up revealed, along with all metal return of the Moto X

Lenovo has plans for 2017, big plans. A roadmap has leaked which specifically names the Moto X 2017 edition as a device that is in the works. The roadmap shows all the devices Lenovo and Motorola will be producing under the Moto brand and specified which branches will be contributing to the development:

  • Moto Z – Motorola
  • Moto X – Lenovo
  • Moto M – Lenovo
  • Moto G – Motorola / Lenovo
  • Moto E – Lenovo / ODM
  • Moto C – Lenovo / ODM

As you can see, only one will be made fully by Motorola, and that’s the new Moto Z, however, the Moto X is coming back under Lenovo’s stewardship.

Techdroider has the latest info regarding the Moto X 2017, which includes a batch of images showing an all-metal bodyshell, the return of the distinctive large circular camera housing, and what appears to be a repositioning of the antenna bands similar to the iPhone 7 design.

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