New Legendary Pokemon GO Video Teases Epic Battles

Although Pokemon GO has remained a consistent earner for developer Niantic, it has been some time since the game was discussed as often as it is now. The reveal of the Pokemon GO Legendary Pokemon raid battles has done wonders for the game in general, with players flocking back to the mobile title after months away to add some of the most iconic Pokemon in history to their in-app collection.

Niantic, fresh off of a record day for Pokemon GO thanks to the Legendary Pokemon rollout, has seen fit to celebrate the company’s achievements by releasing a brand new video highlighting the epic feel that accompanies raid battles featuring Legendary Pokemon. The video, released on Facebook late yesterday, blends some high octane music and real-world settings to capture the feeling of adventure that has swept the world’s massive population of Pokemon GO players in recent days. It doesn’t hurt that the video isn’t short on style, either – it oozes charm during its brief, 14 second runtime. Check it out here:

Although the video doesn’t demonstrate the actual gameplay players can expect from a Pokemon GO Legendary raid battle, it hits on some of the earlier marketing that Niantic attempted, which featured a mix between real-world actors simulating the crowds the game can cause and superimposed CGI from the actual game’s graphics. Given the game’s nature as a ARG title, its actual in-game graphics are far from impressive – which makes trailers like this one all the more successful by focusing on feeling and social activity rather than what remains relatively simple gameplay.

The release of the trailer comes at an opportune time for Niantic as well, as the developer looks to shed some of the most negative feedback its game has received yet. Pokemon GO Fest was an unmitigated disaster by any measure, and focusing on the positives stemming from the release of Legendary Pokemon will no doubt help steer conversation further away from one of the worst gaming events in recent memory. While the long-term effects remain to be seen, Niantic’s celebration of a tried and true favorite for Pokemon fans has, for the time being, made Pokemon GO one of the hottest games on the planet once more.

Source: Facebook

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