New Prey Game Has Weapon Crafting, Gloo Gun

Arkane Studios releases five new screenshots for the Prey reboot game, detailing weapons like the Gloo Gun and gameplay features like weapon crafting.


Even after the recent eight minute gameplay presentation of the new Prey, there’s still a lot fans don’t know about the 2017 sci-fi shooter. Luckily for those excited for the new game, Arkane Studios is continuing to release new information on the project, offering an idea of its gameplay features and mechanics, which we now know will include a crafting system of some sort.

As revealed to Game Informer, Prey‘s crafting system will see players recycle the junk in their inventory into designated machines on the Talos I space station where the game takes place. While Arkane stopped short of revealing exactly what kinds of items fans will be able to craft in the new Prey besides weapons, lead designer Ricardo Bare said that crafting in the game will be “as physical as possible” and players will actually get to see the items created in-world. Bare hopes that this approach to crafting will make the feature feel more “grounded and real” than it comes across in other games.

Besides touching on the game’s crafting system, Bare also revealed more about Prey‘s story, which is being written by Fallout: New Vegas writer Chris Allevone. According to Bare, the player character in Prey – Morgan Yu – awakes on the Talos I space station as an apparent test subject in experiments that were taking place there. The story will see Morgan Yu attempt to discover why they were being experimented on, and what the goal is of the Typhon aliens that have killed almost everyone on board.

New Prey Game Has Crafting - Gloo Gun

New Prey Game Has Crafting - Recycle Grenades

New Prey Game Has Crafting - Morgan Yu

New Prey Game Has Crafting - Typhon

New Prey Game Has Crafting - Recycle machine

As seen in the E3 2016 trailer, the Typhon aliens pose a significant threat to players, and much of the game will consist of killing them in order to stay alive. To help fight the aliens, players will be able to rely on some special powers they acquire over the course of the game, as well as weapons they will craft and find on the space station.

One of these weapons is the Gloo Gun, which can be used to freeze the aliens in place, leaving them defenseless against the player’s other weapons. The Gloo Gun has other functions beyond killing aliens, like plugging holes in gas pipes and creating structures to solve environmental puzzles.

The Gloo Gun’s many uses should make it one of the more interesting weapons in the game, though one has to imagine that the Arkane Studios take on Prey has a number of other unique weapons for players to collect and craft as well. Until Arkane is ready reveal them, though, these new screenshots and details will have to tide fans over.

Prey is in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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