Next Samsung Gear VR Will Be Stand-Alone: 2,000ppi OLED Display!


Samsung’s next Gear VR headset will not require a smartphone and will have an incredible 2,000ppi screen

Samsung is allegedly hard at work on the next edition of the Samsung Gear VR headset; but this time there’s a difference, it will be a stand-alone VR headset with an insane 2000ppi OLED display.

The word comes via Korean news source Naver citing an unnamed industry official. The report adds that the higher resolution OLED display will apparently help prevent the dizziness and nausea some users experience with VR. Samsung is allegedly adamant that resolutions over 1,000ppi will help with nausea relating to VR.

A few months back at MWC 2017 we heard reports of Samsung privately showcasing stand-alone VR headsets to its partners. The stand-alone aspect would mean that, unlike previous VR headsets which have either paired with a PC or a smartphone to deliver the computing power (and in the case of smartphone-based devices, also the display), such headsets would incorporate their own processor, storage, and display components based on smartphone technology. They would run entirely independently of any other hardware.

Since then we’ve heard that several tech firms are working on stand-alone VR hardware, most notably Google. But this is the first time we’re hearing of Samsung actually having a product in the works, as opposed to just proof-of-concept prototypes, and the fact that it is continuing the Gear VR brand with these stand-alone devices.

There is currently no further information and, of course, Samsung is remaining tight-lipped in the face of such rumours. We don’t yet know if the device will run on Google’s Android software or be part of the Google Daydream VR program, or whether Samsung will be forging its own path on software.

More as we hear it.

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