Nexus 6 (2016) price, release date, specs and rumors

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How much will the Nexus 6 (2016) reflect the Nexus 6P (above)?/ © ANDROIDPIT

Google Nexus 6 (2016) price and release date

Information about the release date of the Nexus 6 (2016) hasn’t been announced yet, but we can already predict that it won’t land until the fourth quarter (of this year), like the previous Nexus devices in the series. 

Concerning the Nexus 6 (2016) price, given that the original Nexus 6 and Nexus 6 (2015) both launched for around US$649, we expect a similar price range for the upcoming handset also.

Google Nexus 6 (2016) design 

Evidence for Huawei

A rumor from Gizmochina suggests that it could be Huawei once again who is tasked with co-producing the next Nexus 6 and this was seemingly verified by the General Manager for Huawei’s South African Consumer Business Group, Charlene Munilall.

“We’re doing the Nexus again this year, by the way,” Munilall said, in a recent interview with Though some interpreted this as confirmation that Huawei will make the Nexus 6 (2016), a broader look at the whole conversation suggests this was merely a comment made about the introduction of the Nexus 6P for the first time in South Africa (Munilall made the comment at the Nexus 6P’s South African launch event, after all).

Further, it’s highly unlikely that Ms Munilall would so casually leak sensitive information about an upcoming Huawei phone. For now, HTC remains the most likely candidate for the position as the next Nexus creator. 

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If the Nexus 6 (2016) is produced by Huawei once again, a few signature features are almost guaranteed. / © ANDROIDPIT

While Huawei’s Nexus 6P design was generally well received, its rear visor became a subject of contention after it was rumored to be shattering for no apparent reason. The internet is awash with examples of this cracked visor now and it has called Huawei’s design skills into question. Despite this, we consider the Nexus 6P to be one of the best-looking Nexus devices yet and hopefully Huawei would deliver in this area once again. 

Evidence for HTC

In opposition to the Huawei rumor, a renowned leakster posted on Chinese networking site Weibo stating that HTC is the manufacturer of choice for Google in 2016, and not just for one, but for two devices: a 5-inch and a 5.5-inch device, marking a 0.2-inch decrease in size from last year’s Nexus 5X and 6P.

If the rumor is true, it might go some way to helping HTC pull out of its financial woes, but then the Nexus 9 tablet was hardly a roaring success for the company.

It had previously been reported that Google was planning to take more control over the Nexus line, or even shut it down entirely, but a new report lends credence to the HTC rumor, suggesting that HTC has signed a deal with Google to manufacture the Nexus devices for the next three years. The deal seems to only pertain to smartphones and phablets, but it would mean, if it proves true, that the Nexus 6 would be an HTC device.

On the same day, April 27, Android Police and renowned leakster Evan Blass both pointed to two new HTC Nexus devices coming out this year. Blass gave their codenames as M1 and S1, which Android Police expanded these to Marlin and Sailfish, citing evidence from a code review tool in which a Qualcomm engineer refers to a device as Marlin.

It’s coincidental that Sailfish is also the name of another mobile OS.

5X vs Nexus Nexus 5 6P
The Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X: the 2015 Nexus phones. / © AndroidPIT

Google Nexus 6 (2016) display

The original Nexus 6, developed by Motorola, had a 6-inch QHD display. Many found this phone a little too big and its successor was agreeably smaller, with a 5.7-inch screen. It’s still a mighty big phone, but will the Nexus 6 (2016) shrink again and receive the 4K treatment?

It’s possible, but this display resolution also has a niche appeal and is expensive to produce. It’s far more likely that the next Nexus 6 will have 2K resolution once again (just as the original Nexus 5 from 2013 and Nexus 5X from 2015 both have Full HD resolutions). As for the display size, we expect something between 5.5 and 6 inches.  

Google Nexus 6 (2016) software

Even if Huawei is the manufacturer, the Nexus 6 (2016) is sure to arrive with the next version of Android, which we are currently referring to as Android N. What new features this will include is still being speculated on but you can read more about the direction that Android N seems to be heading in by following the link.

Cracked Nexus 6P rear visors have been a disappointingly frequent occurrence. / © Reddit

Google Nexus 6 (2016) camera

Neither Google nor Huawei are famed for camera quality in their devices, but put them together and somehow it just works. The Nexus 6P really delivered in the camera stakes and if Huawei is developing the Nexus 6 (2016) this should be even better. Check out our Nexus 6P gallery for examples.

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A shot captured with the Nexus 6P. / © ANDROIDPIT

Google Nexus 6 (2016) performance

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 is the processor rumored to appear in the Nexus 6 (2016). This next-gen processor brings a new architecture (ARM Cortex-A57 / 53) which could help it achieve faster speeds than the Snapdragon 810 and hopefully do so without the overheating problems. If it is packing this chip, performance and graphics should be at the very high end.

The possibility of the Snapdragon 820 appearing in the device received further corroboration in late April, with a model named the Nexus 6P being spotted on Geekbench’s database by WinFuture. The device was seen running Android N, sporting a Snapdragon 820 and with the motherboard name given as “marlin”. All of this points to the device being one of this year’s Nexuses.

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The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is expected to achieve great things. / © Qualcomm

Google Nexus 6 (2016) battery 

The Nexus 6P is the Nexus device with the largest battery capacity to date, at 3,450 mAh. Though battery capacity doesn’t tell us everything about battery performance, with improvements afforded by Android Marshmallow, this large cell helped the 6P achieve good battery life numbers overall. Thankfully, Huawei is in the habit of delivering phones with large batteries, and it may well do this again with the next Nexus. 

The 6P did lack wireless charging, though, so we hope that this makes a return, alongside quick-charging, in the Nexus 6 (2016).

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